How to market ebook ?

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Dear All Greetings

I would like to know more about to market recently launched Scholarship Directory ( ebook) in Internet.

Your tips and tricks will help me to get a good sales from the Internet

Thanks In Advance

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    Ok, I'm going to try not to sound too harsh here, but the first thing you need to do is find someone to write for you. Your writing is difficult to read in a 3 line post on a forum, so I can tell you right now that you will have lousy click-through rates from Article Marketing and probably a zero % conversion rate from your sales letter.

    Second- judging by your grammar, I am wondering if your book of scholarships is

    a.) your own or an affiliate product or PLR product
    b.) if it's a scholarship directory for US schools or another country.

    Third there are about a 150 ways you can market an e-book. First thing you need to find out is what is your audience looking for? This is keyword research. You can use WordTrackers free keyword research tool for a start. Just type in the word "Scholarships" and see what other suggestions it gives you. Find all the keyword phrases that are searched at lest 50 times a day. Then put those phrases into the Google Search Engine in " "'s. You will see on the right hand side just underneath the search bar "1-10 of __________ Results For "__________________________" if that number is less than 30,000, you have a good keyword phrase. Now you know how to optimizie your site for Google to index you.

    Now, go build a site around those keywords. Your index (home page) is your sales letter. Put a lot of articles on your site about your subject. Start blogging about your subject, putting different articles on different blogs.

    Submit some articles to eza.

    Find forums that talk about school, univeristy, scholarships, etc.

    Above all, remember that a book like what you are speaking of has a high season, and that high season is November-May.

    I hope that is of some help to you.

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