Best Payment Processor for Continuity Programs?

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Paypal's fees are 3.4% + 20p per transaction. That means the lower the price I charge, the higher the relative fee is.

If I wanted to start a continuity program at say $6 a month, I'd be paying a MASSIVE fee to Paypal.

Does anyone know of a payment processor that only charges a percentage fee?

What do people generally use for continuity programs? I'm guessing Clickbank would be far worse.
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    It's a thorny issue.

    Yes, CB is going to be much more expensive than PayPal, but they're also effectively including in their charges various other services (which you perhaps wouldn't need at all, in this case?).

    My impression, for what it's worth (if anything) is that you have to balance the expenses with customer-familiarity, convenience and acceptability. I'm suggesting that even if you find one that's significantly cheaper than PayPal, you may still, in effect, lose a lot of money by using it, simply because so many people are only willing to pay by PayPal. If you're looking for additional options, rather than just alternatives, then that of course is a slightly different matter.

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    Depending on the volume you're expecting, an interchange plus program might be a good fit for your needs. Interchange is the rate that everyone has to pay to VISA, MC, Discover etc. There are payment processors out there who charge interchange plus $0.30c for example. So if VISA charges 1.8% for a credit card you would only be paying 1.8% plus $0.30.

    Here's a comparison site that shows you some payment merchants you could use. Compare Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing Companies You would also need an SSL certificate on your site and then a way to link up the form. (If you're using WooCommerce or something like that, there is likely an integration already made for your shopping cart).

    My recommendation would probably be to find a payment merchant who charges a fixed monthly rate for your credit card processing. Stripe are decent but expensive (in my opinion) and come with tons of great features. You may also consider asking your bank or credit union since most are now offering payment merchant accounts.

    One other thing I wanted to mention... Dwolla! They are relatively new and charge very very little. Downside is that your customers will need to make Dwolla accounts to pay you.
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    PayPal is your best option, you also need to consider what most people use or trust and not only the percentage. There is Plimus, Skrill, Payza.

    Alternatives: The Top 12 Online Payment Alternatives to PayPal - Search Engine Journal
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