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Hello everyone,

I got a question. We area business helping international students finding and completing their internship in Cape Town in South Africa. Now we are promoting our business mostly online and therefore we have to attract our customers via internet, yet I don't want to put all our info online in order to avoid competitors copy everything.. Anyone got brilliant ideas about this?

All ideas are welcome!

All The best
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    Does your website use a Wordpress CMS? If so, there are plugins that can help.

    Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it.

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    You can do something like create an ebook or email course that teaches the information to potential clients.

    Give the general information on your site and offer your proprietary content via email for an opt-in. I noticed there is no opt-in on your site.

    Call it an exclusive 'internship seeking course', 'volunteer preparation manual' or something. Of course make a snappier title... LOL

    Having leads on a list will let you continue to email them about your services as potential clients in the future if they are not ready now.
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    Are you using WordPress on your site or blog? If so, you can install a plugin like WP Copyright Protection or WP CopyRightPro to disable right click and protect the content on your website. You can also create a membership section containing the most important articles and documents, and grant access to premium members only.
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      Have you considered membership site software that controls access to your content? You determine who sees what.

      Be aware, however, that no online content is totally secure. Those who are granted access can always share what they see if they care to go to that trouble.


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    I am with Steve. But contents can be copied, but your services and business can't be copied.

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