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Nope, that ain't how much money you can make in a day! That is how many folks is members here at the WF!

I guess I'm a bit out of touch cause I ain't been around here too much lately... been takin up badger huntin! They ain't too hard to catch but by dang they is hell to hold on to!

Anyhew, I had heard ole Allan had up and sold this place. Had him over for Stuffed Possum Guts and ole Thad's homemade... cider! I just didn't believe him though! I 'spect that he will be able to afford himself a whole bunch more of them cutin cigars now. Been tryin to get him to take up chewin but he ain't give in yet!

I just want to give a great big shoutout to what folks owns this community now. It's lookin purty durn good and ole Thad knows when somethin is lookin good or not! Ya'll seem to have tidied the place up a bit and ole Thad is right proud of you! It is certainly lookin mighty purty!

Well, you folks stop by Stumpwoody some time and come join me in the partakin of some good ole cider! Take care!

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