Is URL masking allowed on Clickbank?

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I've been with Clickbank for over 3 years now and I've always just redirected my links. Anybody know if it's ok to mask the link entirely?

So for example, instead of www. 123 .com redirecting to www. ABC .com

Can you keep your website name (www. 123 .com) in the address bar?
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  • You have to read the TOS to find out. If I had to guess it's probably yes but could be no so agian read the TOS

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    • I can't seem to find anything specifically about URL masking.

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        There is something, and (unless they've changed it during their last site update, which is easily possible), it wasn't completely unambiguous on this point, as I remember. Is what you're asking about an "i-frame"? They do say that using those is risky and doesn't guarantee your commission. It used to be on that page headed "Affiliate Do's and Dont's" or something very similar. Best to ask them, expressly?

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          From this page:

          Don't mask or store your HopLink in a frame. For your HopLinks to be properly tracked, they must not be stored in a frame. If your domain is masked, your HopLink will be stored in this manner, and therefore will be unreliable.
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