How can I delete a domain name off of Blue Host

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I tried asking this in another thread - but I think my question wasn't direct enough.

I just need to find a way to totally get rid of a domain name for good. Blue Host says I will have to wait for it to expire. Not sure if I believe them.

What if I just cancel my hosting at Blue Host - should that do away with my ownership of my domain name?
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    You "own" it for the duration of the registration period.
    The only way is to sell it or give it away (Transfer ownership) to someone else.
    Maybe someone else can chip in with a better solution...
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    BlueHost is right.

    The domain name is still yours till expiration.

    If you want to get rid of a domain name, try to sell it on eBay or any other domain marketplace.

    Try For discussion, Discussion
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    Also If for some reason you don't want your name associated with the domain, Most of the time you can add Domain privacy.
    That will shield your name In the domain profile

    Other then that its same as above
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    If they don't allow you to cancel the domain until its get expire than you have to simple transfer this domain to someone else or you can park it in Sedo or any other domain parking site.
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    You can transfer it to another domain name registrar and delete it from there.
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      Does the domain have cooties? LOL, what's the real problem?

      Did you open your account with that as a free domain?

      You can swap out the primary domain with them if that is the case.

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        Originally Posted by Jill Carpenter View Post

        Does the domain have cooties? LOL, what's the real problem?.
        The thread below answers the problem
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          The question was answered in that other thread.

          The company told you to stop USING the domain - and when you removed your site you did stop using it.

          The domain will expire at the end of the term (as long as you make sure it's not on auto-renew which is easy to check).

          Blue Host is telling you the truth and there's no reason to do anything more.
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