I've done it! I finally wrote.

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IM is a very lonely world where you don't have enough people to share your stories with and get enthusiastic replies. Mostly, people just don't understand.

In any case, I had to share my recent, rather 'small' success with someone. What better place than WF where everyone's in the same boat.

Residing in Pakistan, a tier 3 country? We're often labelled as people with poor English. Although, I've always known that I have a strong grasp on the language and a natural, free flowing accent which also helped me in landing a $600/month job when I was 18.. which is funny because people with Bachelors, MBA's etc don't earn that much in Pakistan lol.

So I also wrote myself off whenever it came to writing anything for IM, partially because of the label and partially because I had no confidence in my abilities to write.

A week ago, I decided to do write an article via iWriter. Logged in, choose a project and took it on. Suddenly, I realized that Brad, iWriter owner doesn't allow people from Pakistan to write.

I did what all good 19 year old's should do - Got a proxy US IP address and went to iWriter. I got in! Sorry Brad.

The article was more of a sales page for website to be sold in Flippa. It required a thousand words.

I opened a few tabs on my browser and tried to replicate the sales pages from a few of the past flippa sales. 2 hours later, I could only write 200 words.

I thought that writing wasn't in my comfort zone and had it been my own project, I would've given up and outsourced it. But since I wasn't doing it for myself but for someone else, I had no option but to go ahead with it.. mainly because of a 5 hour timer ticking over my head.

So, I re-read the sales pages and noted down the headlines which were used more often. Closed the tabs and started my sales letter from scratch.

Since I knew about the topic, It took me 5 min of research to dig out the necessary metrics which needed to be added on the sales letter and structured it around the headlines I had jotted down earlier. It took me less than an hour to complete the sales letter and to go past 1000 words.

I submitted it and waited eagerly.. knowing that it would be rejected, but hoping against hope that it wont.

Woke up next day and logged into iWriter to see $7.08 as my balance. I quickly went to the review section to see that the client not only gave me a glowing review, but gave me 5 start rating, added me to his/her favorites and left an extra $1 tip for the quality.

Now this isn't about the money since this isn't first time I've made it online and I've certainly made alot more than this over the past couple of months... but it fells really good to know that you're not as bad as you think you were.

This whole story echoes around what's constantly being told to every novice marketer, a little lesson which I overlooked despite doing it when I started 4-5 months ago - Take Action.

Some of things I learned from my little experience.
  1. Never write yourself off before taking action.
  2. Never try to assume things with all the facts and figures at hand.
  3. Re-writing an articles seems like an easy option, but it'll get you nowhere.
  4. Read, get your facts together and write an article from scratch.

Finally, always Take Action - Perseverance is the key to success in IM


P.S I did another Sales Letter for the same client a couple of days ago and the review was exactly the same. A $10 tip this time though lol. Turns out, once you write one good article, words start to flow as you take on another project and right now, I feel confident about writing anything anytime.. regardless of being it for me or someone else.

P.S.S Before someone say's it, I'm NOT advertising myself! I'm a 19 year old kid who is boasting about how talented he is. Ok? Just Kidding - Now send me your $1000 copy writing project!
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