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I am running a paranormal niche blog Rather Freaky which with 46,000 Facebook likes driving traffic to each article, it is working well.

Users have been asking for a better way to interact with posts other than Facebook so I launched this forum type site and am experimenting with it but our Facebook page is helping get sign ups to this daily.

So I don't know whether to:

A) Keep Rather Freaky as it is and get a new domain for the socialengine forum. Might be slower getting signups this way to the socialengine site... or

B) shift the entire domain and traffic to the socialengine site and gain more sign ups that way.

Thing I don't want to do is forever rely on Facebook for my traffic. I am thinking by shifting the entire operation to the socialengine site, I will in the longrun have my own social network and control overt traffic

I don't want to have the socialengine forum intergrated into the main website.

Would like to kn ow thoughts.

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    Hi Frambles!

    What do they mean by "better way to interact with posts other than Facebook " . Should wordpress not be able to handle this for you?
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      Hi Stephan

      The feedback I got was more of a social platform that offers social interaction such as liking and sharing but independant of Facebook. I guess wordpress could but I am using Blogger for the main website and wanted to tryout something that has prebuilt ready to go social intergration.
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    Hi Frambles!

    What I like about wordpress is that there are a myriad of plugins that you can add-on to increase the usability. Comments on wordpress of course comes standard, but there are many plugins that can enhance the comments section and of course social interaction.

    none of the platforms that I know of comes with much more than the basics, so you will have to test some plugins, but wordpress has the widest variety of options.

    Is your site self hosted?
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    I would move it to a self hosted server and use wordpress on there (you can import blogger content to wordpress). Much more flexible and has many more options than the blogger platform.
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    Hi, I would agree with Stephan. You would have more 'flexibility' with Wordpress.

    Sorry I could not offer more advice as Stephan covered it. :-)
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    Consider switching to WordPress. It would serve your purpose much better. WordPress boasts hundreds of plugins and widgets that could help you grow your list and offer a superior user experience. This CMS is also more flexible and offers far more options than Blogger.
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