What's The Going Rate?

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Hi all,

Been away for awhile learning to build and flip sites...and it is going really well!

Have been approached via email to allow a paid link to be included onto my tattoo blog. It's a poker site who want the link, i checked out the site and it seems kosher. My problem lies in that this is my FIRST TIME (blush) and i'm not sure how to procede ie. how much to charge to have one of their links on my site?

As always any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    I'd say it depends on how much traffic you get and your PR, but for regular PR 3 sites I usually charge $10 a month via paypal subscription. I think that might be kind of high but about half the people go for it so what the heck.

    I don't really want to have to deal with tracking who has links on what sites so I'm not really that keen on adding links to the sites anyway but for $10 a month I figure it's worth it!
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