What desktop recorder program do you use?

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Not sure if I put this thread in the right section.

I want to make some instructional videos and need to record my computer actions for this. Does anyone know a reliable desktop recorder for this with high video quality?

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    Best Freeware for you purpose: Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
    You need extra cutting software when you are using OBS

    The stuff the Pros are using: Camtasia - trial version is available for about a months - cost is about 200-300 USD
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      You can use Google Hangout on Air.

      Your video is automatically saved on Youtube.

      With HOA, you can share your screen computer!.

      Best regards.
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    Thanks guys!
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    Camtasia All the way if you can afford it!!

    If not the OBS for recording and Windows movie maker for some cutting
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    I use screencastomatic
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    Camtasia, if you produce videos is the software you Should use.
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    Hi guys.
    I'm using Corel Video Studio and find it good.
    You can get the trial on there website.

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    There's many you can choose from, I've found out.

    Screencast-O-Matic - Free online screen recorder for instant screen capture video sharing.

    is good for quickies and I've seen people use screenshares from Google Hangouts. You can even add music from the YouTube editor (all hangouts get uploaded automatically to YouTube).

    And did you see 15+ Best Free Screen Recording Softwares ? It was updated this month.
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    So far Screencast-O-Matic is working great for me. Used the free one for a while and got Pro for $15 p/year. Easy to use and can directly upload to YouTube, Vimeo, G-drive, Box and Dropbox. Also has draw and zoom, webcam only recording, and basic editing tools.

    Then again if you can put down the money go Camtasia cause it's just the mother of all.

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      Snagit is another good one. From TechSmith, owners of Camtasia.
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    Camtasia is pretty good with lots of options using it for last 1 year


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    I personally use and like Camtasia..
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      I use Hypercam, it's free. I have been using it for a couple of years and I never had a problem with it.

      You can get it from here
      They are the ones who make it.

      When you go to install it make sure you uncheck the "install toolbar" and whatever else you don't want installed with it.
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    Another vote for camtasia here.

    Although if you already have an editing solution, I'd go with Hypercam 2
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    I'm on a MAC

    So I use Screenflow. It's the Mac's answer to Camtasia.
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    Another vote for Camtasia for me but before you get the trial spend as much time as you can watching youtube how-to clips for instructionals and tips so you can maximize your 30 day trial.

    Alternatively I can also suggest https://www.screenr.com/ has a 15 day free trial and is super easy to use. Screencast-O-Matic - Free online screen recorder for instant screen capture video sharing. also looks good.
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      I use Apowersoft Screen Recorder
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    Have you tried Screencastify? It's a free tool that is an extension on Google Chrome. Been using it lately and no complaints so far. Hangouts on Air is good too. Youtube has editing features, so there is that, too.
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    Camtasia all the way, unless it runs like a dog on your laptop. Many people experience stuttered playback which can be a real pain.
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    paid: camtasia
    free: camstudio
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      I have SnagIt, but use CamStudio for recording my own videos. Ironically, the sound is MUCH better when recorded with CamStudio, which is why I use it even though SnagIt is somewhat easier to use.

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    I've used both OBS and Camtasia, and to be honest, I've never been a fan of how Camtasia ran on my PC and the UI can be annoying.

    OBS is pretty easy to use and it's free. Just make sure you look up how to set all the advanced options and know what your computer can handle, or it can be hard to fine-tune. There are a lot of good YouTube tutorials out there that detail how to set everything up, according to the specs you're running.
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    You can use this to record conversation from different programs as skype, hangouts, the desktop and more, I hope that it works for you
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    Yeah Camtasia is pretty good. It's what I use.
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    I use bandi-cam
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