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Hello Warriors,

I published a course on JVZOO and wanted to bring it to the Warrior Forum. I joined this community years ago but never really used it. I was referred back to this forum and since I have interacted with the community and realize that a lot of people could use my course.

I looked at the WSO and would like to just add it from the JVZOO platform but I am seeing big issues for some reason? What would you suggest. Because I know this product will help a lot of people who are just starting out and believe it would definitely find some traction within this amazing community.

I know I must have been under some rock for the longest time and was never told about all of the possibilities the WF has. So I am asking if there is a way to just take what I already have in JVZOO and include into the WF? I was told it would be better suited for this community because of the low introductory price tag.

So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank You.
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    I don't see the problem. Just publish a WSO and use the JVZoo Buy Button. JVZoo support can help if you get stuck doing that.

    The WSO is your sales page. JVZoo is your payment processor, product delivery and affiliate center.

    If your product has already been live on JVZoon then you will need to create a lower priced offer for Warriors. Other than that it should be very straightforward.
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