Travel sites: Do I make a new blog for a new country?

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So I have a pretty successful travel blog (see sig) and I know want to talk about other countries. Since my current one is Thailand specific, I am not sure if I should create a new blog (with the keyword in the domain name) or to add a new sub section to my current one.

Maybe even a sub domain?

What are you thoughts?
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    Make sub-domain and install geo ip locator, I.E. when visitors come from Australia it will redirect automatic at etc.
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    Hey harvie316, this caught my eye because I love to travel...

    Now, my 2 cent for you is that you should probably buy a generic travel name "travel kingdom" and then create sub-domains for specific countries:

    ..the reason I wouldn't recommend you create sub-domains with your current domains is because they are quite keyword country specific - hope this helps, that's how I'd do it

    Then I'd take up Shirley's advice and install a Geo IP Locator - good call !
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    I agree with ColinChia. You might want to buy a generic domain and then have sub domains or sub folders in them. But, doing that would require you to build up your blog from the start, so if you're ready to take up the extra work, then cool.
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    Totally agree, sub domains idea is really good long-term strategy
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