SEO and FAcebook Fan Page / Facebook Note Question

by him77
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Does it make sense to SEO a facebook fanpage? I was also thinking of using some of the warriors in the for hire section to help with SEO and backlinking. I'm asking becauce I've never heard anyone try this method before.

I'm also using the Note section of my Fan page to blog with the hopes of helping with SEO.

What do you guys think?
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    I think that to spend time doing SEO on a Fcebook page don't make any sense. I don't see Facebook pages ranking for keywords, this mean that Google doesn't take them in account for this.

    Also if you invest time and money I would prefer to do it on my website where I have total control.
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    Key tip: Build your own website. This way you have total control over all the content you create. Facebook pages can sometimes be deleted without any warning. Once your page is gone its almost impossible to get it back unless you have a friend working at facebook hq. Facebook pages should be used as an extension of your original website but never your primary website. If you are serious about SEO and back linking then you need to have your own website (It looks more professional). Also Facebook pages are not ranked for SEO by google. The best thing to do is Build your own website with original content. add facebook share and like buttons. This way visitors can share your content with friends. The more people who share your content, the more people who will see it, Mr.Monetize
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    Originally Posted by him77 View Post

    I'm also using the Note section of my Fan page to blog with the hopes of helping with SEO.

    What do you guys think?
    Google rarely, if ever, crawls Facebook Notes. You are wasting your time there.

    Google and Facebook do not get along very well. While Facebook fanpages can rank for some things, the news feeds and most other content on Facebook you will never find in Google's search index.
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    Hi, in tiered link building method, you can use your social network posts and blog networks to create a shield around your main sites. But remember, any type of seo activity has to be planned properly, as in today's scenario things are totally changed.... and Google becoming smarter and smarter

    Is your facebook fanpage related to your site or you are using independently?
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    Thanks so much for all the information.

    My overall goal was to get traffic to the page and then have people join my email list once they got there. Just brainstorming and I've never heard anyone say anything bad about the idea until now.

    I had a gut feeling it wasn't going to a good idea. I've seen a few such pages rank well and that's where I got the idea to maybe use it as a website if I used the "note"s function as a blog.

    I already have several websites and I think I'll stick with just direc
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    While the blogging through your FB notes, is not a bad idea (primarily if you are linking it to your page) I would not spend too much time and money on trying to get your FB page to rank. Put primary focus on your own site and just make sure you have content in a few places pointing back to your site and/or to each other.

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