I can't log in to my Clickbank account anymore. is it only me?

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Hello, I ve registered 4 days ago on clickbank, my account was working fine by the morning, but now in the evening I can't login anymore the error it gaves me : Invalid account nickname and/or password. Please try again.

I ve tried reset password and it gaves me same error. What should I do? Please help.
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      Thank you for answering. I ve made a ticket but still no answer. I guess they have block or deleted my account, but I ve got no message about that and login error is invalid. It gives really a heart attack I am afraid I loss it because I had really work hard to make some money on it
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    You must have been up to some bad @#$$ for CB to delete your account. (If indeed they did)
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    Nope their is no problem with my side also. I am able to login my clickbank account without any problem. Just clear your browser cookies and then try again. You can also check it on other browsers.

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    I log in to my clickbank account multiple times every day, and I've not faced any problem so far.

    Did you create your account by any illegal means? Are you from a country blocked by CB?

    These are the only reasons I can think out of the top of my head. But again, there might not actually be any problem and you might be able to log in to your account in a few hours.

    So, don't panic. Wait a few hours and see. Maybe by then support will respond too.
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      Which country do you live in, Jadyfast?

      (The reason I ask is that I think one possible reason for this may be ClickBank's realization that the account had been opened in breach of their terms of service, in some respect? Ultimately, it may well be a question that only ClickBank can answer, and you'd be better off asking them than asking here).

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