who can i sell real estate solo ads too?

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I am building a list based on real estate. However my list is filled with realtors and not consumers per se'.

Anyone know of any good real estate affiliate programs or any products or memberships i can sell????

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    You can contact all Ad posters in Craigs List real estate category and offer them solo ad services. If you have their target audience on your list, they would love to advertise on your solo ad service.
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    Have you tried real estate marketing forums? There are two giant ones in the United States. You have to have a US IP to get on those forums though. Those forums are ideal places to start since they are crawling with businesses looking to market to realtors NOT people looking to buy real estate.
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    You can search in places like clickbank, jvzoo, commission junction....

    You know you can keep building that list and I see an opportunity where you could offer a service to that list of generating them leads for their business. I just went to google and I see around 27,000 people here in the usa type that into google based on the last 30 days of data. There are all sorts of phrases people are typing. The cost per click is anywhere between $1 to $10 and Im sure higher on others that I didnt see right away. Point is if you can generate these types of leads you can easily sell them to your current list and they would be more than glad to pay your between 5 and 10 dollars per lead if not more. You would have to do the research.

    Also you would have to set it up correctly so you are legal but it can easily be done.

    Did you know in the automotive sales department dealerships will pay you in the tune of $25 to $100 per lead! ;-)
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    why not sell to them directly and keep 100% of the profits instead of an affiliate program.

    All Real estate agent want more leads. Offer them a lead generation service. Finding home seller leads for agents is cake! Most of them are just too lazy to do it on their own and are glad to pay someone to do it for them. They pay good money for something that literally takes minutes a day. Just a thought
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  • Your best bet is to find individual 'Real Estate Information Programs'..

    And become an affiliate of those, instead of us individual programs, instead of using affiliate sites like Clickbank

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        Posting about real estate affiliate programs and lead programs without a country or area listed is a waste of time.

        Who is your target market? Buyers and sellers of real estate usually lose interest once THEIR deal is completed. There are a of laws in some countries (US for example) that govern how you can promote/sell/advertise real estate and those laws vary by state.

        "Real estate" is one of those niches marketers seem to view as "a huge opportunity to sell stuff" and that's often not the case.
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