Are workout and fitness gigs popular on Fiverr?

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Hi, I joined to Fiverr about a month ago with my workout videos, and offering customized workout plans and demonstration fitness videos, how-tos, step by steps.

My question is: how popular this field on Fiverr? Do you have any idea how can I make my gigs popular?

Any tips?


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    This kind of stuff is not popular on Fiverr.

    That isn't to say you can't do it, but you will need to make a great effort to drive people to your gig because you will not pick up customers from Fiverr natural traffic.

    What you might do is, instead of creating fitness related gigs for fitness customers, do something similar but aim it at marketers in the Fitness Niche.

    "I will make an introductory fitness video for your YouTube channel"
    "I will create a step-by-step work out plan for your fitness blog"
    "I will create a complete outline for a fitness workout you can use for a blog, ebook or video course"

    Most natural traffic on Fiverr is marketers looking for services for traffic, tech help (WP setup), marketing, etc.

    Few people are looking on Fiverr for a personal trainer or weight loss tips.
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      I agree, maybe drive some traffic via facebook ads and see how it goes. interesting though
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    The best way to make money with Fiverr is sell something that people actually want to buy. Try to send some free traffic to your gig through press releases, guest posting and other methods to see if people are interested in your gig. Remember to create more than one version of your gig to see which one is more popular.
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    I don't think fiverr is the place to help grow your business, I would start posting on health and fitness forums with links to your vedeo's
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