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I have recently completed my first eBook (yay). It is about selling eBooks on eBay using CDs. I gave it to some members and recieved some positive (and some negative) feedback.

After tweeking my eBook over the past couple of days, I now know it's ready.

However, although selling on eBay is not a problem for me. I have no clue how to sell it online.

I have:
No List
No contacts
No website
No Money

I need help with what I could do. Do you think I should go for a free site (freewebs), or would that make it look too cheap.

It is a small report retailing for £5 or $9
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    I am, but I also want to get started online, and funds are slow through eBay, as it's a relatively inexpensive book with high costs
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    For starters, I'd put up a squeeze page and build a list. Marketing to the list will be MUCH easier than trying to sell it. Few people (around 5%) buy the first time around so constant contact will build the brand. Studies have shown most people need 4-6 brand impressions (seeing your product) before they will purchase. So, get a list and market.

    If you want to still launch anyway, put the product up online with some affiliate network (Clickbank is a good one) and then ask for an email with a pop-up ad on the sales page. You might not get many affiliates but it's possible (even at a 75% commission you will still be giving them 7.50$ per sale...not much to interest huge list owners). There is also the issue of Clickbank's upfront fee (50$ last I checked).

    Write a small ecourse and give it away in exchange for an email. Get the emails from a little fly in box. That way you won't lose impressions and can sell to them later. Get another list set up for your download page (where they get your product) and offer "free lifetime updates" and collect emails there. The reason I'd do this is b/c people who have bought from you are more likely to buy in the future from you. Convert them from first list (ecourse, not so sure people) to purchasers (from the download page) and you've got yourself 2 nice little lists. Offer purchasers a discount on future products and market to the ecourse people at full price. Just an extra incentive.

    Another route to go would be to give this ebook away and put affiliate links in it. Use it to build a list and you will make a bit from the links.

    As far as not having money, that makes things more difficult but not impossible. Take your ebook and break it into articles. Post them to Ezinearticles and drive traffic to your ebook. Do the above strategy of collecting emails for prospects and purchasers.

    As for not having a site, that's easy. Buy a domain at Godaddy and put up a squeeze page ( has some great free software).

    Hopefully this gives you some ideas. Shoot me a PM if you want clarification or someone to bounce ideas off of


    Brad Spencer
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