Which freelancing sites do you recommend for hiring web & graphic designers (not programmers)?

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Hi guys,

I'm launching a new web design business soon here in Croatia with my friend / partner (who is a web designer) and we're planning to outsource some of the work to freelancers abroad.

I'm quite familiar with different freelancing sites like rentacoder, elance, odesk and such, but I have only be using them to hire programmers and not web or graphic designers.

Since most of the tasks we'd like to outsource will require low to medium designing skills (like modifying a template, changing psd files, importing texts, stock image formatting, etc.) we think it's ok to look for web designers on freelancing sites.

Can you please recommend me some freelancing sites that you know are ok to find web or graphic designers? Should I also consider finding them on rentacoder and similar sites, or there are better, more "web-design-oriented" freelancing sites?

Thank you in advance,


************UPDATE: 4th July************
Found a great freelancing site: designoutpost.com
Example project & how it works: http://www.designoutpost.com/forums/...ad.php?t=18850
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