Bringing back the 50% divorce rate, plus many other surprises

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I see a lot of motivational and money making ideas on Warrior. Here is a relationship post – just for a change of pace.

Apparently the 50% divorce rate has been debunked a couple of times. It was done here recently. Fascinating that college degreed spouses who have managed to keep it together for at least ten years only have a 25% divorce rate. Almost half the national average. Yep, a women’s education is vital to keeping the marriage together.

Other fascinating data shows that the more money you make the less likely you are to untie the not. You read that right, people. More money = lasting marriage.

Going to church has a nice positive impact as well. Apparently any church will do but I doubt CFSM would make the cut.

A long engagement is the first item mentioned in the article and I put it last to make an emphasis of it. And the only thing more controversial than wealth and sex before marriage is that, apparently NOT having love in a relationship helps you stay married longer. Yep, you heard it right.>

"If your partner’s looks or wealth are an important factor in whether you want to marry them, then I’ve got bad news for you: Your marriage is more likely to end up in divorce than if you could care less about wealth and good looks."

Pretty depressing stats. Being the one to make all the money in the relationship and not caring how your partner looks means you are simply not concerned with a lot about them. No wonder these people don’t get divorced. Which begs the greater question, “Why do they get married in the first place?”

All in all – if you want a good marriage statistics hardly ever tell the whole story. Where are the stats about coaching, therapy, or skill sets learned to keep a marriage together. Because if you want to stay happily married just get the help you need, learn the skills, and do what works. These intelligent people stay married far more often I would imagine.
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    Interesting stuff Toby!
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    i believe mark twain said there are lies ..damn lies and statistics ..

    basically the start of it says if 100 percent of marriages made it to 10 years ..from that point there is only a 25 percent chance of divorce ..but a lot of marriages fall apart before the 10 year mark .

    if you want real information on divorce rates and signs a marriage is in trouble talk to good divorce lawyers ..the people who make money ..

    if you want to be wealthy have to chose a partner who is just as willing to work to get wealthy .
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