Beginner's Productivity Hack

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I've always had the belief that productivity was the #1 thing for me in business. If I could get twice as much done as my competitors... life would be easy. Here's a tip for you:

The Morning System

If you're not already doing this, then what I describe here will have a huge impact on the outcome of your day. Imagine your most productive day ever.. you felt like you were on fire, knocking out task after task. The more you done.. the more fired up and motivated you got. There's a reason for this and I'm sure you know it: momentum.

A morning system is the series of steps that you go through each morning to launch yourself off like a rocket into the coming day. You have more leverage and willpower at the start of the day than at any other point - so you better use it wisely!

Here's an example what I aim to do every morning:

1. Wake up, drink 500ml of water.
2. Use the bathroom and shower.
3. 10 minute meditation (give it a try.. it does wonders for your focus)
4. Make a super-healthy green shake for breakfast
5. Plan my day based on the outcomes I've set for the year, month and week.
6. Sit down at my desk and start on work IMMEDIATELY.

I got this idea from Eben Pagan.

Do some testing, take control of your day FROM THE START and see the impact it has.

Build this into a habit and aim to do it every day for 30 days - there are some techniques you can use to make habits super simple to add into your life, but that's better left for another post so I can give it more detail.
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