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I was listening to a youtube video early this morning, and caught something I've always heard, but have realized I may not really be practicing it.

" Believe as though you already have it ".

I've always heard this said, but, I think it's really hasn't sunk in yet.

The thoughts, and words coming out of our mind and mouth are very important. We have to pay attention to how we think or say things. The subconscious picks it all up.

When you do your Law of Attraction, however you do it, ( asking the Universe for your wants ), do it in the present tense, NOW.

" I AM wealthy ". ( right away, when you think or say this, thoughts come to mind, " no you don't, not yet , anyway."

So, what do most of us do? We change the wording to:

" I believe I will be wealthy ". Now your Sub. mind doesn't fight you on it, but, here's the problem. Your subconscious now thinks, " Ok, I will be wealthy, I'm ok with that ". And, that's it. You always think " I believe I will be wealthy ", and, that's as far as it goes. Wealth never comes. And, we wonder why we didn't manifest yet, and wonder how long is this gonna take.

It's because of what we think and say ( I believe I WIll......)

So, what is the way to ask for our wants? Well, it's the method that our Sub Mind thinks is silly, and not true.

" I AM Wealthy "
" I Am Healthy "
" I have my Ex Back "
" I AM a Winner '

Or, whatever it is you want from the Universe.

What do you think? You think it's better to put it out in there to the Universe as:

" I believe I will be Wealthy "


" I AM Wealthy "
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    I you are feeling resistance when you say I am wealthy then I would not use it.

    However in my opinion the phrase " I believe I will be Wealthy " puts it off into the future. You will be wealthy when? in a year, 10 years, 20 years ...

    If you feel resistance try "I allow myself to be wealthy" if you are blocking the flow of wealth that may help.

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    ~ Get Your Mind Right and Everything Else is Easy! Law of Attraction States...You Attract What You Think About.

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    I use "I'm in the process of becoming wealthier". Which sort of presumes that you are already wealthy


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    The fact is that you are wealthy - a LOT wealthier than millions and millions of people on the planet so I would definitely use I AM wealthy. I AM healthy is also relative and you're probably a lot healthier than millions of people as well. As for getting an ex back - I'm not going to go there. Most exs should be thrown back anyway.

    So the question is what's the use of stating the obvious? If you're already wealthy then there's no point in saying that to yourself but there is a point in stating that you're wealthy (gratitude) and that you will be wealthier. That's both realistic and positive. Same goes for health or anything else you want. Acknowledge what you already are and be real about it. Most people think "being real" means being negative - the opposite is also true though. It is a fact that you are already wealthy and healthy and wise. You just want to be wealthier, healthier and wiser. Start with where you really are and improve and don't forget an action statement. Remember the Law Of Action.

    "I am wealthy and I will become wealthier for the security of myself and my family and the prosperity of others by doing...XX and X today and every day until I reach...X goal and I will do it ASAP!" Now that's a powerful affirmation with no trickery, foofoofery or mystery. Just strong affirming statements that boost your vibration and self belief.
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    Interesting thread
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      Changing "I" to "you"..."You are wealthy" works for me...no resistance and your subconscious mind still takes the message in.
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      Originally Posted by Manannan View Post

      Interesting thread
      Really? Imagine how much more interesting it would be if you actually contributed something useful to it instead of just using it to boost your post count?
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