Want more money? You've got to be happy, first!

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Hey Warriors!!!

Josh here.

Hope you all are doing very well!

Recently, I received a question from a friend of mine asking if being happy links to having more money. So, I thought I'd do a post to share my answer with you guys!

When you look at today's society, the way that money, happiness, and success are structured are the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what they are supposed to be. We live in a system that teaches us that we are supposed to be successful first before we are happy. However, this is NOT how the human mind works! In fact, it is the opposite.

If you'd like to see more money in your life, most of the time, the core of the problem is that you are not happy with what you are currently doing. Maybe it could be your 9 to 5 job that you dread on a daily basis, or you may even be an internet marketer, but in the wrong niche. Whatever your case may be, being happy with your profession is the route that you MUST go, if you'd like to see a change in your finances.

Depending on people's current life situation, they may think that it is too late, but this, too, is FALSE! In fact, it is NEVER too late for you to make a change. It all starts with a decision to see change, and then doing what is necessary to bring it about. However, I would agree that there are many people that are late when it comes to realizing that they have this option.

I am here to tell you, today, that you can do ANYTHING that you set your mind to, but in order to see that income that you desperately desire, it is CRUCIAL that you are happy with what you're doing. In other words, do what makes you happy and have faith that change will come about, and you will be surprised at how fast that money comes knocking at your door! :-)

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and my answer to that question!

To YOUR Success,

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    A 9 to 5 job is not so bad for most, so long as you are not in debt up to your eyes and living beyond your means. As true happiness comes from within (your own state of mind) and doesn't come from the 'stuff' you buy or own.
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    Josh,Jerry Mullins here
    Neither money nor happiness have anything to do with each other..Most people find themselves so busy trying to fulfill their outward needs,which in most cases cost money,they never take the time to see there is happiness, as John saith within us..

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    I was mislead by the thread title "Want more money? You've got to be happy, first!"

    I was going to disagree with the fact that only people who are happy
    can, or will, make money. Of course, when I read the post, I realized
    that it was about making money only if you enjoy doing your work.
    Now, I am still going to disagree -

    I disagree only from this one standpoint, that is, that there are a lot
    of people out there who are making a lot of money, but they really
    hate what they are doing. Doing what you like or love will make
    your work less like "Work".

    Certainly, liking what you are doing is going to make you want to
    always get better and learn more. Hence, you are always creating
    more value for yourself, or for whomever it is that you work.

    When you don't like what you are doing, you tend to try to avoid
    doing it, you do less of it, and you are rewarded in kind - with less.
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    Thanks for this revelation.

    It's a matter of "doing what you have to", or :doing what you want to".

    Obviously, the latter wins.

    Another misconception that we have is that we think HAPPINESS is somewhere out there.

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    I've come to a realization not too long ago that explains why so many people are stuck at jobs they don't enjoy and find themselves living such miserable lives.

    While growing up our brains have been brainwashed not just by schools which were developed by the industry's that need people trained to help them grow, but also our friends and loved ones who are constantly asking us what do we want to become?

    I think we need to shift our way of thinking and start asking what kind of lifestyle we want and then figure out which jobs will help us have the way of life we are in search of.

    I would like toknow what you think of this so please do share.
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    I've heard for years that "being rich" won't make you happy, greedy or a bad person.

    You are ALREADY happy, greedy or a bad person and $$ just "magnifies" that personality trait in your life.

    I would tend to agree for the most part.

    Good post!

    "Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

    Read my article on 4 "no cost or low cost" opportunities to make money!

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    Not only do you need to be happy, you need find the drive and motivation to reach higher and aim to be great rather than good. Most people only do enough to get by. Real success requires one to go above and beyond.
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    Thanks for that Josh! Totally agree with your point!

    When you want to see a change in your life, start by quitting the things that you don't like a starting to do what you love, be it with regard to work, health or something else!
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    Great post,

    I think its not just happiness that will make you more money but a sense of abundance. (Which I guess is generated through happiness).

    If you focus on contribution and actually serving rather than just getting then you achieve so much more.

    The challenge is getting into the emotion of abundance and happiness when you are stuck financially.

    But you are right, if you can make the shift then you will produce much better results.

    One of the practical ways I teach this is:

    a) get people to come up with a list of things that they enjoy doing. Come up with a list of 20-25 ideas of things that you really love doing.

    b) schedule in time each day for 30 minutes to an hour to actually do some of the activities on the list.

    This is so simple but its such a powerful way to actually change how you feel. Because as you say when you feel happy or alive you are going to be willing to give to others. Emotions are the key. We can all feel abundant or happy regards of whats going on around us. And likewise we can all feel stressed and in a feeling of scarcity regardless of our life's conditions. So we have to "train" ourselves to feel the right emotion. Thus spending time daily doing what you enjoy.
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    Don't quit! Keep going, you are so much closer than you think!
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    Money does not buy happiness.

    You wanna know what money gets you?


    And when you have FREEDOM and PEACE OF MIND in turn you are happy.

    But money is just an instrument used obtain freedom and peace of mind.

    You can still be happy without money, but you won't have any freedom or peace of mind.
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      Money can't buy you happiness....but happiness can't buy you squat!

      I think you have to be happy without money, or you'll never be happy with money. People with millions of dollars commit suicide all the time. All money does is buy you time (freedom). If you have enough money, you can hire people to do certain things that otherwise you would have to do yourself, etc etc. But having all the time in the world won't make you happy either. You have to like who you are and find something that you are passionate about that does bring you joy. Of course, then you'll realize how rich you really are (even without money). Some of the happiest people I've ever met don't have two nickels to rub together.
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