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I want you to look a year into the future and tell me what you see yourself doing. Look back at this moment in your business life and at the place you are at now and tell me where you were (as in where you are now) and in that year where it led.

Don't just say where you hope to be, tell me where you are in a year and how your current business actions led to that place. Think of this as positive projection, seeing it and going toward it and then looking back at the road traveled.
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    October 21, 2015 (1 year in the future)

    Currently I am running my high 4 figure a month membership website that took me almost 18 months to develop and promote. Alongside that, I am still working my 9-5 corporate job but have realized that with continued hard work and a little risk, I can work towards leaving that job. I have 2 more ideas for a membership site and am actively developing these to bring to market by February/March 2016. Once I bring these to market, I will work my tail off to promote them. My motivation to leave my corporate job and make 5 figures a month from my membership sites is fueling me everyday.

    It was a rough and hard path just to get to where I am today. My whole life I suffered from procrastination, ADHD, and self-doubt. I knew I had it in me to succeed and create great products, but I never followed through on them.

    My internet marketing path started 4 years ago as an affiliate. I had my first taste of success here when I received my first few checks from clickbank for THREE figures! For some reason though, I quit doing affiliate marketing and never fully rode out where it could of went.

    Three years ago I created my first digital product during the "Facebook Social Gaming Craze". I picked a game that no one created a product for and ran with it. This product generated me a whole whopping 1 sale! The person didn't refund his money either!

    After being disappointed at my first attempt at creating a digital product, I stopped the internet marketing thing again for a full year. It was 2 years ago that I decided to try again and create another digital product. This time I picked the PC gaming niche since I had a big passion for gaming. I chose the Guild Wars 2 niche. I got into the beta and started putting together my product and finally released it to market when the game officially got released. At this point in time, I also started my current corporate position for the company I am working for.

    With the start of my new corporate job, I lost motivation to promote and update my product. This product failed miserably generating ZERO sales. I learned from this though that for all future projects and products that I create, I need to put my heart and soul into it.

    After getting settled down in my new corporate job, I decided to make another crack at it. This time I picked an evergreen niche that was never done before. Learning from my mistakes in the past about procrastinator and not following through on things, I decided to present my idea to my best friend who also had a strong passion in the niche. We decided to join up as a team and create the best product we can create. From that point onward, we made it a goal to put at least 2 hours a day into the website and product. We were determined to build a great website that would impress thousands of buyers for years to come.

    It wasn't until January 2015 that we realized success. At this point in time, we finished up the website and solidified the product and offerings on the backend. We also put hours and hours of work into marketing and promotion for the product. Our release date came and BOOM! we couldn't believe our eyes. At first we started to get about 10 sales a week from direct sells and a few affiliates. We started noticing that we were expanding at lightning speed around the web. As fast as we were contacting webmasters, our banners and ads were expanding even faster. By Summer 2015 we were generating a little over 100 sales a month. After paying out affiliates and subtracting fees, we were getting checks for about $1,000. Of course we split this check in half 50/50, but still!

    With success fueling us, we dug even deeper and decided to update our product and add even more features. At this point we also decided to create an "add-on" product to our original product so that we could have repeat customers and potentially double our sales. With an idea already in mind, we set out to work on this. It took us about 1 month to finish this new product.

    After the release of our add-on product, we started generating roughly 400 sales a month. Again after paying out affiliates and fees, this was giving us checks of about $4,000/month. Split between us we were getting about $2,000/month.

    This brings us to the current day where we are currently stabilizing around 500 sales a month. My friend and I are actively keeping the site going and making sure it stays an income generator. But we also have been getting ideas for new products, and my friend can't thank me enough for showing him how to be successful online. We are actively developing our ideas independently from each other, but still bouncing ideas off each other for consultation purposes.

    The ride has been great and I hope to be giving my boss a 2 weeks notice sometime shortly in the future...probably right before my trip I wanna take to Europe for a month.
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