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Good afternoon everyone,

I can not stop writing these days. Ever since I found this forum I have be both intrigued and humbled by what I have had the pleasure to read here. I want to thank everyone who has posted, your work is great.

To those who may have had a chance to read and have not posted, get involved, post, give us your knowledge and feedback.

My title Building a better You (ME) really has to do with a question I continually ask myself. Am I a better me than I was yesterday?

My question to you is what have you done to be a better you?

I would like to tell you a quick story about me and how I build a better me. At the time of this writing I have two jobs. Jobs is not the correct word because they both tie into my passions. During the day I am a corporate trainer. I work for a large company where I teach our associates how to sell. I teach sales classes, Management classes, Leadership classes as well as classes such as Goals and Time Management.

During the day I build a better me by creating an atmosphere where my trainees can learn and grow in their prospective endeavors. I rate my success on their success. If I can help them to become more successful then I am not only doing my job, I am paying it forward.
BTW this is the job I get paid to do.

In the evenings I teach Martial Arts to both adults and children. Our school is a not-for-profit entity where we all work for free because we believe in what we do. When talking to my parents at the school I tell that our job is not to teach their children how to punch and kick, our ultimate job is to build better people, we just use the Martial Arts to do it. Many look at me and are confused. I then talk about the life lessons we teach. Goal Setting, Unshakable Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Self Discipline are just a few.

Every time I see that look in a child's or adult's eyes when the do something they never thought was possible I am building a better ME. Pass it on. Don't hide your gifts under the proverbial basket, use them. Also don't be afraid to charge for those gifts. Becoming a better you does not mean giving things away. I would ask though if you do make good money using those gifts, remember those who helped you get where you are. Pay it forward.

Once again.. What have you done today to build a better YOU?

As always to your success.. Live - Love - Cherish and pass it on.

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    You really can change your life for the better by being a better person, a better you. And many times people around you may become better too.
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    One of my worst traits is that I am disorganized. I am now focusing on getting organized. Once I see good progress I will add another change. I will try to use the concept of Kaizen.
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    I have become more responsible that I was before. From the mistake that I made before, I have learned so much that It made me a better person.
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    As always thom with his pearls of wisdom.Yes i agree that we should always look forward to a better 'ME' every day.If i remember correctly the japanese management technique kaizen is all about this only ,making small improvements every day.These small improvements,over a period of time,add up to a big positive change.
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      Great response. You are absolutely correct about Kaizen. At our school we also use the Acronym "C.A.N.I" which I believe in and try and use in my everyday life:

      C = Constant
      A = And
      N = Never Ending
      I = Improvement

      I work everyday to learn, grow and teach others.

      Have a great weekend..

      To you continued success,

      Thom Swartwood
      MBS Coaching International
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        Mark Joyner calls it in one of his programs

        K Key
        A Area's of
        I Improvement

        This narrows it down and makes you focus on a few key area's in your business or your life..

        You know you can improve everything every day.. but without focus and knowing where to go this is pretty much a lot of waisted energy.

        Taking only 1-3 different area's to improve helps you to focus and keep track. You can rotate through every area then every 3 days for instance.

        Have fun

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