Money Right, How Important It Is

by JagSEO
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Having money is success in itself. Having money could wipe out your limiting belief. Having money creates more possibilities. Having money can change your social life. Having money is Power. Having money will lessen the inner emptiness. Having money is the spices of relationship. Having money you can change the world. Having money sounds interesting. Having money suck your worry. Having money put you in the center stage. Having money is Freedom.
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  • I once heard from a sales mgr. of mine that

    "moneys solves most personal problems"
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    money is about as important as food and water ..

    well having enough money to provide food water and comfortable shelter is good to.

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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      People who say 'money does not solve everything' are a case of sour grapes who haven't experienced what real 'want' is. When you don't have money to pay the mortgage or money to buy your kids a birthday present, one will realize how important money is.
      JagSEO, cannot agree more... Money is freedom.
      Additionally, money comes with accomplishment. And accomplishment gives happiness.
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        Money is nothing more than a tool...

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          I think you need to wipe out your limiting beliefs first before you see the money.

          Money in reality, is just a concept. I've watched, Dan Kennedy, on video, tearing up hundred dollar bills like they were toilet paper.

          He does make a good point.
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          Originally Posted by M Thompson View Post

          Money is nothing more than a tool...
          but a little more useful than my table saw
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    If money itself is your end goal, then there will never be enough. Money should be the means to get to your end goal. For example - being able to pay off your house, buy your dream car, or send your kid to a private school.
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    Money Does Not Bring Success...Success Brings Money. Money is simply a resource used to achieve what you truly want in life which ultimately is "Freedom". The power to have whatever you want. Do what you Love and do it every day like it is your last day on this earth...The money will come.

    "Money Will Never Be Enough...And Enough Money Will Never Be" ~ EdwardW
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    Originally Posted by JagSEO View Post

    Having money is success in itself.
    Money is a means to an end, not the very end, otherwise why have it? Once you have money and all that it buys, then what? You can sit alone in your palace and contemplate your riches like a king and still be empty in soul and heart, devoid of love in your life. Money is not a replacement for anything good. It will buy you things, that's all.
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    The purpose of having a lot of money is to enjoy life and the good feeling of helping others monetarily. If you can see viral videos where homeless man are being helped and their reaction alone is priceless, that's the great thing of having a lot of money.
    Hooked To Success -Personal development For People Who Wants Success.
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