Watched Interstellar; literally changed my whole life

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I went to the movies last night, we watched the new sci-fi movie named Interstellar (has a 9.1 on IMDB) - after watching the movie I went out to light a smoke, and in that moment, after 22 years of my life - I finally knew what is my "purpose" here and what I want to do with my whole life, even if I lived for 500 years, this would be the case.

The movie itself is an amazing piece of work, I highly doubt I'll ever see anything else with that movie quality. No, I don't want to be an astronaut (at least not in the physical form) - which you might get when watching the trailer, no, the movie is directed in such a way that gets you thinking, I've never FELT more when watching a movie, from crying to experiencing serious dozes of chills trough out my whole body.

I'm highly interested in spirituality, human capability and purpose, universe as a whole and stuff like that in general, purpose of life, true TRUTH and happiness.

I get sick to the stomach every time I see what today's world is revolving around, sex, cars and money (mostly anyways) and seeing that new generations are totally heading in this direction, specifically because of these celebrities, the mainstream music and a general way of life: eat - work - sleep and be quiet / repeat. This is sick.

I've been doing IM for 4 years and I never needed this money for living purposes only, just a side job (hobby) for luxury expenses and I spent most of it on materialistic pleasure-ables.

Now, I have a goal, which is traveling around the world, studying in various mind-body institutions with a hint to spirituality; schools/classes/universities, meeting people and living life in a much more broader point of view than "ME".

I cannot describe how much motivation for IM this goal is giving me, I've always thought of myself as being lazy, now I understand that was just a matter of not knowing what I even live for.
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