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What can we learn from what we know of Michael Jackson.

Instead of doing what others seem to do, which is concentrate on negative ACCUSATIONS, and SPECULATIONS, I just wanted to point out that as we can learn from everything and everyone, we should use this as an opportunity to learn from what Michael Jackson can teach us whilst he lived and hopefully take something positive from the life of an exceptional human.

1) Michael Jackson is in the Guiness book of records for being the most charitable celebrity

What a legacy to leave? He had lots but gave lots. He is being remembered in such a positive light by all those who have been affected by his generosity. As we make money online, let us not forget that there are those less fortunate and need our help. We should also remember that the more we give, give, give, the more we get.

2) Michael Jackson is being hailed as the best in his business.

He achieved this by putting his all into everything that he did. He continued to learn his craft, practicing, teaching and striving for better each time. Never resting on his laurels. If we take the time to keep current, focused and educated, we too can achieve top status in our fields.

3) Michael Jackson gave his all, not some of the time, but ALL of the time

He did not have days when he would give below par concerts or performances or even practices. His work ethic was magnificent. If we can adopt that type of work ethic and feel the need to outdo our past, each and every time, we too can become extremely successful.

4) Michael Jackson attracted millions of fans and friends due to his loving nature.

No matter how successful he got and no matter how many people tried to tear him down, I have never ever heard anyone say that Michael was a nasty person. Anyone who met him always spoke about him treating them nicely and that is one of the reasons why he remained on top. Whatever people throw at you (and the more successful you get the more people will throw your way), don't allow it to change the person that you are on the inside. Stay true to yourself and good to others.

5) Michael Jackson did what was right for him.

Although this may sound a little selfish, I believe in order to be happy, we need to be a little selfish in certain ways at times. Regardless of what others had to say (and the more successful you are the more people have a voice) he lived his life doing what he wanted to do. You may not have agreed with some things that he did, such as changing his appearance, but there is great strength in a person that can do what is important to them, feels good to them and is right for them at the time, especially when others are criticising you for it. As long as what you are doing is not bothering anyone else, be strong and live your life for you. There is a very old and wise saying - you can please some people some of the time, but you cannot please all people all of the time. When it comes to personal issues, you need to please yourself. Remember, you are the one that has to live with yourself on a daily basis, not those who do not know you or even those who do!

6) Michael Jackson did a career that he loved and was passionate about.

There is no doubt in my mind that Michael Jackson was very fortunate to be able to do something for a living that he truly loved doing. Can you imagine what it would have been like for him to have to put up with all the rubbish from others if he was doing a career that he hated. When things are not going the way you want them to, at least you can get joy from loving what you do.

7) There will always be haters

Granted, we may never (hopefully) experience the level of haters that Michael Jackson has experienced throughout his life, but we should remember that although we and many others are very positive people that can accept, commend and enjoy the successes of others, there are many people out there would feel the need to rain on the parade of anyone who is more successful than they are. Whether it be on a small level or large scale, we need to prepare ourselves to be strong enough internally to deal with negativity and be able to appreciate our efforts and achievements.

8) Michael Jackson had good people around him.

Whilst there are some negative people, we all have some good people that we can trust and whom we love. We should keep as many of these people around us as possible. One good thing that I must say is that I joined this forum to learn, yet have found that many people are very good people here who are willing to help you when they can. That is great, but it is also important to have good people who know you personally and individually in your life that you can rely on.

9) Money is not everything

Michael Jackson was obviously not the happiest man this world has seen, yet for a long time, was one of the richest. It is good to remember that although money can buy a lot, it is not everything. His life shows that it is your experience in life and the people that surround you that are the most important elements of life. We are all here to learn, promote, help or some other reason, lets not forget that money is only a means to an end and not get so caught up in making the money that we lose focus on why we want the money or who we want to share the money and our lives with.

10) Man in the mirror

That song is magnificent. The words have so much depth and meaning. Apply it to every area of your life, because, whatever you want in life has to come from you. I think it was Jim Rohn who said "If it's meant to be, it starts with ME!" We are all on the right path, so don't let anyone take that away from you and don't just look in the mirror once, make a change and don't look again. Regularly reflect and keep looking in the mirror to make sure that you are always looking at the person that you want to be or is heading in that direction.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson - Your success truly left traces!

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