What Would You Do If You Had 3 Months Left To Live?

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Hi Forum,

I heard a great speech by Steve Jobs the other day.

He says that his motto is "live each day like it is your last"

My question is, what would you do if you had 3 months left to live.

Or what are you most passionate about?
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  • I would do the following:

    1. Talk to my creator, pastor, my mom etc.

    2. Travel to places around the world w/ family & friends.

    3. Visit my father grave.

    4. Have a huge over the top party.

    5. Donate to charities. Make a change.

    6. Buy my mother whatever she wanted.

    7. Visit the White House.

    8. Make videos for each family member expressing my love.

    9. Test drive a Maserati.

    10. Eat all the foods that I don't normally eat!
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    I just thought I would share with you my experience. Five years ago I was diagnosed with a painful condition called acute pancreantis. The doctors warned that the next step would be adult onset diabetes or pancreatic cancer and like doctors do they warned that one or the other was pretty much inevitable.

    So I started my "3 months to live" right then and there. First thing I did was I decided to live and not die. Most people hear a doctor tell them bad news and believe it. I chose to ignore it and start really living.

    Next I started taking real vacations - great vacations! I go to Hawaii at least twice a year to surf, snorkel and relax. I also have been to France, Germany, England, Ireland, Mexico, St. Johns, Vancouver, and take time to ski every winter.

    I shut off the TV and started learning and discovering all that I am capable of! For starters, I learned to play guitar. I become board certified in both Hypnosis and NLP. I took up surfing. I dusted off my skis and taught myself to ski at an extreme level. I bought myself a new adventure motorcycle and have taken off on many great journeys. I get out and go backpacking in nature and above all I am teaching myself to love everyone and look past our differences.

    I call my parents and family regularly and make sure that I always tell them that I love them. I tell my wife daily how important she is to me. I spend time cooking for friends and family and take time to go to almost every party, wedding, and funeral I am asked to attend. People are important and I want them to know it.

    I also made a commitment to health. I read every label and work out for a minimum of one hour every day. I change up my work out all the time so I never get bored. One day I may jog, the next swim, the next bike, the next play raquetball, the next lift and on and on. I am in very good shape and have almost zero symptoms from before.

    Lastly, each year I set myself a big goal. For example I learned to fly and got my pilot's license. This year I am attempting to set a Bonneville Land Speed Record on a custom built motorcycle that I constructed with my dad and brother. (I will post something in the future about record attempt.)

    I love my life and am living it to the fullest. I had my "3 month" warning and am glad that I did because that is when I truly started to live!
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      Wow! that is a truly inspirational story mate, good for you and you certainly know how to live. If only we all gave gratitude for the things we have instead of worrying about what we don't have our lives would take on a whole new meaning!
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    truehs, that post was wonderful, thank you.

    If everyone followed your lead, the world would be a better place and everyone would have much more fun!

    It just goes to show how much you can achieve if you just believe it's possible. Life is a gift and we should make it as good as we can.
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      Truehs is the man. We should all live this way.
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    I would do anything and everything!

    And if I did not feel I was finished here, I would raise my vibration as high as possible and try to heal myself.

    And, I would read At Home With God In A Life Than Never Ends to my children.
    I also would purchase CWG for Teens and make sure they read it when they are tweens or pre-teens.
    If ready to go,

    I would write a biography for my boys. And in it I would convince everyone my Spirit will experience birth..and teach the boys to communicate with me.


    Inside Wealthy Affiliate
    Follow VictoriaNTC On Twitter!

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    If I had 3 months to live ...

    On the 1st month ..

    I'll ask some of my christian friends to pray for me on my remaining lives. I'll stay online and put some updates on every site that I own and say to them that I had 3 months to live so that they will now.

    On the 2nd month

    Talk to all of my remaining friends that I haven't talked about my condition i'm gonna tell them how much i love them all even my enemies hehe. Then I'll reflect on what I have done on my life and ask for forgiveness.

    On the last remaining days of the 3rd Month

    Stayed on my room lying down on the bed and dies ....
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    I will be tensed over have to live so little because there are certain objectives which require far more time than 3 months.I want to become a billionaire first and foremost and i need to develop the requisite skills,which will take some time to develop.

    After i have earned my big bucks i would want to visit all my favorite sea resorts on a cruise like carribeans ,tahiti,honolulu.And yes i want to learn martial arts.
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    * Ask forgiveness to the people you have hurt before.
    * I'll take my family out, vacation, swimming.
    * Talk to my friend, go out!
    * Take so many pictures.
    * Eat the foods I have never eaten.
    * Live life to the fullest, no turning back. Try the things I have never tried before. (Just for experience)
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    I would find a new doctor. Any doc that tells you this has given up on you. Nobody can predict my future especially some mortal.

    just my 2 cents

    Originally Posted by NijThinkIt View Post

    Hi Forum,

    I heard a great speech by Steve Jobs the other day.

    He says that his motto is "live each day like it is your last"

    My question is, what would you do if you had 3 months left to live.

    Or what are you most passionate about?
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    My Opinion is that Thuehs has given the best answer.

    I am always looking into natural healing.

    You are what you eat , is close to the truth.

    I would switch to a raw food diet and drink only high alkaline purified water.

    That would take care of 90% of most problems
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    This is available for individuals with more than 10-K of debt and only by phone to start your debt analysis ... PM Me Your Phone Number and best times to call.
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    Originally Posted by NijThinkIt View Post

    "live each day like it is your last"
    you know, if every day would be my last then I would never work and be out enjoying life and spending as much of it with family,,friends and ofcourse my girlfriend

    It is a good thing to remember though and is motivational to get started. I know I need to stop more often and "smell the roses"

    I'm going to do just that the coming year

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      i ll do each and every thing which i just wish
      i ll go to meet my old fellows n friends and relatives
      i ll enjoy day and night
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        I love every post of this thread, but especially the one by truehs.

        I really thank you for sharing your experience--it should be an inspiration for everyone.

        You should thank God and Life that you had a 2nd chance in life and I really admire the way you handled yourself. Instead of becoming negative and pessimistic, you chose the opposite: live life to the fullest and do things you hadn't done before.

        I'm sure that your choices helped your healing, since living a happy life and feeling content can only influence on a positive way.

        Again, thanks for sharing and I wish you the best!

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    I think I would visit a few people, apologize to them for a few things, then visit a lot of other people (family and friends I haven't seen for a long time). I would tell them things that I should have told them already - that God is our loving Father and his laws and commandments are for our benefit.

    I would then make sure I am not behind on any life insurance payments, build as many profitable websites as possible and spend the rest of my time with my family (at night I would probably write them some letters, journals, etc. - something they can read when they feel like it in the future; maybe I would publish some videos on YouTube and set up some sort of email campaign that would send my wife and kids links to YouTube videos with my recorded uplifting messages - every 6 months or so - that would be fun!... and freaky!).

    Or - maybe I would go to North Korea or Russia with poison in my fake tooth to assassinate one of the dudes I wish have never been given political power... or I would just stick to the 1st plan.
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    live in the NOW can't change yesterday
    tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

    Experience, Learn, Live be good to yourself
    and appreciate Humanity all Under The Sun.

    Strive for Simplicity through Perfection


    the mentor on demand
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    I have this posted on my desk every day.
    What would you do if this was your last day???

    Awesome discussion and amazing responses.

    I really believe we were born to live as if it were our last day.
    Then we get side tracked and live in craziness with all the things we are suppose to do. Before long we aren't even doing the things we love. And most importantly we aren't even doing what we were born to do. Some how we are living a life someone or something else has decided for us.

    No wonder there is so much sadness, loss, uncertainty, stress, illness, etc...........

    What a challenge for all of us to live as if it were our last!!!!
    That's how we change the world. Imagine the joy, peace and love...
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    Wow trueths!

    Your story is truly inspirational! You are the perfect example of someone who takes action!!

    Doctors just do not know how to help people who have had a similar problem to yours. When a doctor tells someone that they have only 3 months to live, this places an intention inside their minds. In doing so the patient starts to believe this is true. They then start to focus on this and it manifest into reality.

    This is one of the biggest flaws of modern medicine.

    I am a pharmacist by qualification but have opted out of it as a career as I do not believe that the pharmaceutical industry as a whole has the best interests at heart for people. It relies on people getting sick in order to make a profit. Thats corruption on another level!

    I have become deeply involved in natural health and quantum healing methods that people like Deepak Chopra practice. I started applying them at work as I had a real passion for helping people. Amazingly I had some great results with giving patients information and links to natural health websites rather than medicine. Unfortunately my employers were not so happy as I was selling less pharmacy goods. They eventually bullied me out of my job. You can imagine how disillusioned I felt.

    I started this post because, when i was working as a pharmacist, it felt like I was numb, totally souless, a waking dead.

    Steve Jobs speech, which is really worth checking out, made me wake up and start taking some serious action in my life and do the things I love more than what I hated.

    Thats why I have followed my heart and started learning marketing to spread the truth about disease and health.

    Its great meeting fellow entrepreneurs with shared interests in this forum!!

    Big love and vibes!
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    I am grateful to all of you for the nice things you said.

    This is a great forum and I appreciate all of you very much for the kind words and encouragement.
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    I'd do some traveling probably go to Alaska and Yellowstone and take in all of the beauty that God created.
    Jay Mueller - JayLynne Enterprises | Making Money On The Internet | Our Green Life Biz
    WP Website Design, Builder, Mentor | Internet Marketing Membership Training | Green Technology Blog and Info
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    With 3 months left to live i would push myself to cram as much life experience into that 3 months as possible.
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      I don't know what I would do, when I had only 3 Month to live. I could say, I would do these things, but this would be not the same thinking, when I realy would have to live only three month.

      But I always wanted to fly a plane, so I would make a pilot license (which is very expensive).

      Else I always wanted some adrenalin, so I guess I would try out banjee jumping and jumping from a plane (I will do this the next month, I want to try that out)

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    I will stay more time with people I love and try to give all the best from me.
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    Wow.. that's a very inspiring post.About what we'd do if we've only 3 months or so to live.. well.. I might wanna go on my trip around the world during those 3 months! lol
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    The first month, i will spend it going to places that ive never been/experienced before.
    The second month, partying with close friends and acquaintances.
    The last month is reserved for my family.
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    It's a blessing if you actually KNOW how much time you've got left. Too many people die without ever saying goodbye.
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    truehs knows what it is to think this way for real and is inspiring.

    I would be selfish and take my four kids away on a three month vacation .... a log cabin in the Alps maybe ... do fun stuff and try to get all the guidance and teaching I would have given them in their lifetime into those last 90 days.
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    With apologies to those who suffered acute disease, (I had invasive cancer surgery in 2007), I would not think about what I would do if I only had three months. Ghandi said "Live as if you were going to die tomorrow, and learn as if you were going to live forever." Of course, since it is from memory it is more likely a paraphrase, but you get the idea.

    Now take that a step further and meditate on this question. "What would I do if I had the money to do anything I wanted to do, whenever I wanted, and with whom I wanted?" This just may lead you to know what your purpose is in life that lies within you. This question and others are asked and analyzed in the books written by motivational speaker and coach, and one of my mentors, John Di Lemme, who is nothing less than passionate about what he teaches.

    The Dream inside you Lives! Even with all the media firing at you with doom and gloom, you are a winner. The goal here is to provide vehicles that will take you there.

    Ed Gilbert

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      If I had 3 months left to live first thing I have to do is a lot to pray,get close to my family, doing something that useful,watching a lot of carton movie hope a miracle like in 'secret' book can happen with me.. And the last thing not too thought that the remaining time we have, we take it and enjoyand drive a Harley Davidson...
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        Hmmm.... If I REALLY had 3 months left to live?

        I would go down to Dubai, find a race car, a really fast one, I would rent it for a day or two and drive it down Sheikh Zayed Road at most incredible speeds several times to Abu Dhabi and back.

        Then I would get off from Dubai and I would go to Russia for even greater speeds to the place where they take people for rides to the Edge of Space in a Mig 25 or a Mig 32. I would take the training and do the flight.

        I would then travel on the Trans-Siberian to Vladivostok and across to Japan. From Japan I would manage to fly to some Pacific Islands and on to French Polynesia.

        Either I would spend the rest of my life there or I would move on to India and Nepal and end my life there somewhere up in the Himalayas.

        I would not be bored a bit. It would be quite an active and interesting last 3 months.
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    I would focus on all of my love ones that I am leaving behind, and I would write each of them a letter, so they will remember how much I loved them, and I might would even make them a video of me telling each of them how much I loved them, and tell them how each of them had touched my life.
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      If I had just 3 months left to live,,then I would like to........

      1.Serve my parents as much as possible.

      2.Eat my favourite food.

      3.try to meet my friends.

      4.give more and more donations.

      5.finish my all the jobs well.
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    1. Ask god for forgiveness for all my sins
    2. Make sure that my mother and father are happy with me.
    3. Visit all my relatives.
    4. Do a good deed every single day.
    5. Sky Dive.
    6. walk on the great wall of china
    7. Climb a mountain.
    8. test drive an Aston Martin
    9. scuba dive in the great barrier reef.
    10. Tell everyone that I love...that I love them
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    make sure I know where am I going after death - my eternal destiny !!
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    1. Be with my family in vacation.
    2. Go to parties.
    3. Forget and forgive.
    4. Help and share to the community.
    5. Enjoy my life everyday.
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    Do all the things that I want to do or never try to do.
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    I will spend the most of the time with my wife, parents, friends and relatives. I will do what i feel.
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    1. Enjoy everyday with my family and friends.

    2. Make a quicky English feature film and release it worldwide.

    3. Write as many as books possible for Amazon following Jessica's WSO.
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    Hmmm... refer to the bucket list which can be around the most meaningful things that you want to do or however you want to develop it. Sounds like it would differ depending on the person but that's just my thoughts on it.
    Originally Posted by NijThinkIt View Post

    Hi Forum,

    I heard a great speech by Steve Jobs the other day.

    He says that his motto is "live each day like it is your last"

    My question is, what would you do if you had 3 months left to live.

    Or what are you most passionate about?
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