Any Tips To Staying Focused On Boring Tasks?

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When I'm working on something I really don't want to do, but need to do, any tips on staying focused, and not wondering of onto facebook?
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    I find breaking the task into pieces with specific goal helps me. This could be time based or objective based.
    For instance, if I have to answer 100 emails. I might decide to work for exactly one hour and then take a break and do something fun. I find it easier to focus when you know it's only for an hour (or whatever length of time works for you), but the deal is, for that one hour, you can't check FaceBook or do anything else that's not related to the specific task. Use a timer or stop watch.

    The other way is objective based, where you say "I'm going to answer exactly ten emails and then take a break."

    To me it just depends on what kind of task you're doing. And sometimes what kind of mindset you're in.

    Good luck!
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    The only thing I can do to keep me on target with boring things is to keep in mind why I'm doing them and try to stay excited, enthusiastic or at least interested in that.
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    Make your best attempt to transform Facebook into a lucrative activity or switch lanes and find a point of interest [POI]. I rarely work anymore and can afford losing time in doings thinks that click my fancy. What's so interesting about Facebook anyways besides seeing funny mugshots. Keep a window open with Facebook and get that work done, enjoy what you do or meet the doomsday.

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    Eliminate all distractions. If your problem is facebook use a tool that blocks access to it. If you text a lot. Turn off your phone etc..

    Use Pomodoro and take action


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    Option 1 - outsource the boring work

    Option 2 - block all distractions. Turn off the phone, block certain websites (you can use cold turkey program for that)

    Option 3 - challenge yourself, make up a competition. For example, set a goal to answer 20 emails in 20 minutes, and see if you can do it. Improve your result the next time.

    Option 4 - remind yourself of why you need to do it. Find your internal motivation, and keep your bigger goal in mind.

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    Try outsourcing as many of those tasks as possible. When this is not an option, I would just set myself goals such as doing a certain amount of work in a certain time and not stopping until you're done. You can also reward yourself when you're done, going to the gym works for me and helps me keep my ming clear.

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    Yeah I've got a few tips because I used to struggle with this massively:

    - meditation; really helps improve your focus and clears your mind
    - turn it in to a habit of doing the things you know you have to do FIRST, your work ethic will improve, the discipline will improve, your self esteem will improve
    - take action even when you don't feel like doing somthing, and you'll begin to build momentum

    A tool you can use is a clock timer that ticks for say 20 minutes and gives you a 5 minute break after the 20. So you don't burn yourself out working all the time!

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    If the "boring task" is essential to business then you just need to just get on with the task and change your attitude to it.
    If Facebook has that much of an influence on you that it can drag you away from your business activities then you need to develop more business discipline and realise that business must come before mucking about on Facebook

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    Make it into a game, where you are challenging yourself to see how fast you can do it. Continually try to beat your last "score". Reward yourself when you see improvement in your speed, quality, etc.
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