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I have just released a new type of software called Think! which is designed to help people generate original ideas about any subject for any purpose. It's all about finding new ways to solve personal or business problems, create new inventions, improve existing products or services, or to discover new ways to think about anything that interests you.

If you have difficulty with creativity and generating new ideas Think! will open your mind to a whole new way of perception. If you are creative already Think! will take your mind in new directions you would never have discovered on your own. No matter what your current level of creativity, using Think! on a regular basis (10 - 15 minutes per day is ideal) will continually boost your skills. The more creative you become - the better Think! works for you.

Think! is not a self improvement course - it is a tool that extracts new ideas from your own subconscious mind. Think! also includes an interface used for evaluating your new ideas and to find the optimal way to implement your new ideas.

Think! includes an interactive training course which provides instruction in how to use the software. The entire course takes about 90 minutes to complete when all the exercises are performed.

The reason for this post is that I'm looking for people to help evaluate the software and provide feedback (not to publish but just for my own interest - we're always looking for ways to improve) and to submit a testimonial to include on our sales page.

Terms of Agreement:

The testimonial includes:
- a small photo of you (no avatars - but no restrictions on composition as long as there is a legible human)
- a proper name (could be a pen name)
- a short truthful testimonial
- your general location (any combination of country, state/province, city)

In exchange for the above I'm offering a retail single user license for the software including lifetime support free of charge (valued at $49.95)

The software is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 SP4

Anyone interested should visit and follow the link to the software called Think!. There you will find the current sales page (which is currently being rewritten) with more information about the software, screen shots ect. There is also a link on this page to read the first two chapters of the training course included with the software.

If you are interested in participating please contact me using the contact link on stating your intentions and/or to ask any questions.

Thank You for your attention - I look forward to hearing from you.
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    Dude Bravo on getting yourself a product

    I applaud you on searching for truthful
    testimonials believe you me, it does make
    a difference. Plus this is a great way to
    get word of mouth advertising out.

    If you don't mind me mentioning that you
    might want to look at your website from a
    different computer.

    You don't want people to scroll left or right
    to read your message. You just might want
    to re-size the the whole website so it can be
    view on a smaller screen.

    Also the text color would be easier on the
    eyes if it contrast more with color of
    the page.

    I would give you so more suggestions on your
    website however I would rather you concentrate
    on getting the finished product done.

    Plus website comments is not what you asked for.

    So good luck and congrats.


    the mentor on demand
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    Hi Promptor,

    I've sent you an email to your "contact for suggestions" link on your sales page.
    Your software seems awesome and brilliant. waiting for your reply.

    Good luck
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    What an innovative concept to create a software?i wonder how a software could enhance your creativity.Hats off to you for doing a path breaking task.people like you are really brave and innovative and change the world.I will surely buy your software once i have enough money.hats off to you!!!!!!
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