How is the Sedona Method different from forgiveness? (it's not)

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And can forgiveness cure everything as the Sedona Method claims? The Sedona Method basically teaches - let it go - which as Paul, a moderator here, pointed out to me is the same thing as forgiveness. I don't think it is exactly the same thing but I do agree with him that it is probably close enough for all practical intents and purposes: let it go, get off it, forget about it seem to all be casual variations of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is an incredibly powerful tool if used well that is frequently down played and not often practiced in our society but does it handle everything? I think it can be quite helpful in helping people with their upset about their problems but does it actually resolve false beliefs, bad programming, and inner conflicting programming as the creator and proponents of the method claim?

Am I wrong here? Because if I am I know you fellow warriors have no hesitation at all about setting people straight. Let's get this straightened out once and for all.
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    i think they are tied together but not the same thing is in my opinion better to keep the concept seperate from each other ..

    you can forgive a person for cheating you or hurting you.but the wound can still be there or the defence to avoid being hurt again is that that needs the letting go ..and you can actually let that go without forgiving someone ..

    so it is really up to you ..for me i have had a lifetime struggle with properly using the english language because there are so many word and concepts have been used interchangeably..

    so i will leave forgiving as forgiving and letting go as letting go ..two similar but separate acts
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