Frustration on LOA and need help

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I need help fom you on LOA

I have read "secret" and tried to apply LOA to improve my situation for months

I am in my mid-30 and lived in a very competitive city in Asia. I am totally frustrated with my career. For the past 10 years, I had bad experiences in office politics and unbearable heavy worklaod. These made me change my jobs for nearly 20 times up to now. In the past, i was given the heaviest work and bullied by colleagues as i am timid and quiet in character, i always meet agressive women who keeps on bullying me and hurting me by bad words.

For now i am still jobless. During this period, i tried on LOA, keep visualing that i can get an ideal job: People are nice to me, light work and cozy working envorinment. I keep on a positive feelings and really believe i canfinally get it.

Then recently my fd introduced me a job and apparently it seemed to be my ideal job during interview. At that point i was excited and just thought LOA did really work. However on the first day at work, bullying happened again, a woman senior blamed me for tedious stuff, office politics and gossips again, even more hostile than ever before. I feel that i get back to the situation i tried to escape for long, and TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED at LOA.

For few days before starting this job, I think, feel and act as if i get my ideal job already and all my fear and past has gone away. To my disappointment, i saw same old things on my first day at work.

I quit now and wonder why LOA did not work. I have worked for 3 months on changing my perspective and belief. Can you give me some advice and explain why it doesnt work?
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    I am not an expert at LOA or manifestation manipulation, but hopefully maybe I can help.

    First of all, whenever we keep facing the same challenges over and over, there is a lesson to be learned and growth to experience. That is what I have personally found to be true.

    There are a lot of factors at work when it comes to life and things that happen to us. It is not as simple or straight forward or as easy to control as we would like to think.

    The reason we have the lives we lead is because of the opportunities presented to us and the choices we make. It is a mix of things we can control and things we can't control. (nature AND nurture)

    I have found that there are 2 things that make the most difference when it comes to living the life you want:

    DO NOT do things you know you shouldn't be doing, and DO things you know you should be doing.

    Listen to your gut, trust your intuition.

    This goes SO far when it comes to LOA and just having a good life in general.

    You wrote that you changed jobs 20 times in the past 10 years. Maybe that was an exaggeration, but if that is true that is a lot. Do you choose the same type of job over and over, knowing you don't like it? That will set you up for the same failure again and again.

    Do you give up or cave in when things get too hard? You will always encounter hardships, it is just how you handle them (your choices) that makes the difference.

    When you see things you don't like, the LOA would say you're putting your attention on the 'wrong' thing.

    If you notice something you don't like, try not to judge. Instead try improve it or make a positive difference. Try to be understanding and look for what you like or enjoy. (obviously, if you are in an abusive situation get out asap and don't look back.)

    Often I will straight up IGNORE things that bother me if I know there's nothing I can do about it, or if responding honestly will get me in trouble. (when keeping it real goes wrong, lol) Don't let it get to you. (Get "thick skin".)

    It only takes ONE person to change the dynamic of a group! You can be that person, bring peace and joy with you wherever you go. Don't let others bring you down, instead you can bring them UP!

    It seems like you're in the process of taking control over your career by getting into internet marketing, so that's great!!! Put your focus on that!

    Use a job just to make money. That is your focus- making money! don't pay attention to rude people or mean people or unfair things! Just do your job and spread your joy and make your monies!

    Do whatever you need to do for your day job and keep building your business online!!!

    Don't focus on the negative and keep working towards success with your online business so you never need another crappy day job ever again!

    Shake off the haters and keep moving forward! Good luck to you Heavenlike
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    You are a perfect example of having deep subconscious beliefs about what your job will be like. LoA is working for you, just not in the way that you consciously desire.

    Going through multiple jobs and facing the same exact situation just means that your subconscious mind wants that. Add in the frustration and desperate urge to get away from that and you have a revolving door of the same horrible job experience over and over.

    LoA won't well for you unless you release some of that tension you feel toward having jobs. Much of this will have to be a release about all of your past jobs and how they were all the same ie. office drama, you getting blamed for stuff etc

    Here is exactly what you need to do right now:

    Each day you make a list of things you don't like in your office environment and what you find ideal, the stuff that would make your job easy and manageable for you.

    For each of those things that you just listed, you need to release the want of separation for the things you don't want, then dissolve those ideas entirely.

    Either verbally or mentally say the following to yourself for the negative list:

    "i embrace the images, sentiments, ideas and emotions regarding [negative item 1] and i release my want to separate from this. I release it and set it free, i let it go"

    In the idea of wanting something, we tend to want it as a fulfillment of: approval, control, security, separation or oneness. Some issues can have of all of these attributes, but each time you release you choose one to release.

    Since we're talking about 10 + years of this stuff happening you need to release for a minimum of a few months to get full effect, but you should feel yourself lightening up almost instantly.

    Then, either verbally or mentally, say the following for your positive list:

    "i embrace the images, sentiments, ideas and emotions regarding [positive item 1] and i release my want to separate from this. I release it and set it free, i let it go"

    Again, you choose one of the ideas from above: approval, control, security, separation, or oneness.

    Here are examples of each if you are confused.

    You would release the want of approval if you feel that getting something would grant you approval from others or yourself.

    You would release the want of control if you feel that getting something grants you control of a situation, others or yourself.

    You would release the want of security if you feel that getting something helps you feel safe and secure in some way.

    You would release the want of separation if you want to get away from something, an idea, a person or you want to feel unique and special.

    You would release the want of oneness if you feel that getting something helps you feel one with yourself, part of a group or community, or more connected with the universe/God.

    You will be releasing all of your internal tension and start from ground zero when you're done with this. An easy test to see if you have released on a given issue is to feel the tightness in your gut or chest whenever you think about a negative or positive thing on your lists.

    This is your body telling you that you need to resolve some conflict, in this case with yourself by releasing.

    The ideal effect of this is that you creating the idea job for yourself just as easily as you brush your teeth in the morning or walk to the bathroom. Almost no thought or hindrance goes into those activities and you will have that same feeling of "lack of tension" toward those activities that it will help you manifest incredibly fast.

    If you can when you're at home you might want to get used to meditating as well. Find a few minutes and build your way up. Don't visualize or do anything special. Just let yourself sit quietly for a few minutes and discharge. This will greatly help your releasing process.

    One of the great side effects of all of this is that you won't be nearly as irritable or liable to create conflict with others. It just won't matter to you anymore, sort of like a carefree "whatever happens is fine" sort of attitude. And THAT is what manifests the fastest, when you set an intention and let the universe work on your behalf not necessarily caring whether you get the thing or not
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    The LOA doesn't work because there is no such thing. The Secret and similar works are a fraud. You've got to be logical and pragmatic in your approach...forget magical thoughts and "attraction." Go back to the good ole common sense way of achieving things --- goal setting, solid planning and hard, persistent work.
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      Hi friend
      I want trust with you.
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      So you have power of this case.
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      So this is great deal for you.
      To do that you can find some of work normal or part time work help you make little money to keep living and spend for your business online, you don't need a great work because business you are building in future is greatest that you should focus on. You will spend all of your free time or part time out of work to build your business.
      This is my honest.
      Hope this help.
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        Again with law of attraction that I miss talk about.
        You want something, keep it in your mind, make it special feel about it, when you achieve it.... be specific. You must really want it, know why you want it and always remember it.
        Always focus on positive, you don't need know all process of how to achieve it.
        Important is you must take action, even little things. When you action on things help forward to goal, everything you need to know or need to do will appear and show you know in process. Simple keep going and keep action forward to more.
        Trust with yourself, who you are, what you can do right now forward to your goal then do it now.
        You must ready to do. Want it bad enough and get out of your comfort zone to learn and make things happen.
        The key in process is focus on positive, remember things you want, enjoy, happy every moment and always efforts to your goal.
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      Originally Posted by Young Financier View Post

      The LOA doesn't work because there is no such thing. The Secret and similar works are a fraud. You've got to be logical and pragmatic in your approach...forget magical thoughts and "attraction." Go back to the good ole common sense way of achieving things --- goal setting, solid planning and hard, persistent work.
      Sad but true...
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    If you are always getting bullied and treated badly. The problem must be with you. Common you changed work 20 times. There must be something with your personality that you need to fix.

    Forget about the secret. Start fixing stuff. Take action.

    Also remember that working for someone is not meant to be pleasurable. Stop complaining and do the work. If you don't like it. Work for yourself.


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    I agree with one of the comments above that your issue has something to do with your deep subconscious belief.

    You may say you want something, but deep down inside, you don't believe you deserve what you are asking for. If you haven't done it yet, put yourself in a relaxed state of mind and body before you do your visualization exercise. Get the mind chatter out of the way so that you can give positive suggestions to your subconscious.

    Start a journal. Write down your thoughts, feelings and incidents that happen throughout the day. At the end of each week, go through them and identify the "common" factors. It will help you notice what's really going on.

    Start writing down all the things that you are grateful for in your life. Do this every night before you sleep or when you wake up in the morning. It will help you change your focus from seeing all the things that are not right and not working to things that you are blessed with.

    Wishing you all the best in life

    Your Self Improvement Journey Begins Here

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    Punch your coworkers in the face then

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