Amy's 1st Sale! $8,995 Internet Marketing Success Story

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This is an 'old' story but it's one that still stands out in my mind to this day!

She made this sale in her second month [with ZERO IM Experience!]

This sale was made by Amy back in 2008. That is a while a go but this story can offer you upcoming entrepreneurs who are looking to REPLACE Your incomes entirely some hope and encouragement.

Amy made this sale while she was in 'Active Duty US Military' stationed overseas.

There was a war going on but she somehow was able to build her business during her off duty time.

Amy was someone who got started with me online in a biz opp using a powerful system.

The sale was for (1) product to (1) person. It was a 'big ticket' top tier direct selling opportunity that utilized a very powerful internet system.

So yes systems do work But only for those who are willing.

Here is proof of that sale:

The full sale was for $8,995 and she kept $4,000 after she paid the company. I made $1,400 (PASSIVELY) from this sale because I was her 'sponsor' and I personallyy trained her. Back then we were able to 'collect' the money first and then pay the company after.

This was the system that we used back then:

We 'utilized' this guys (Jay Kubassek - an EX Midas Muffler Salesman's IM Success) to make sales company wide:

Today we are using a different system And it is more POWERFUL because of it's sales psychology, systems founder and his 'straight' forward no BS Approach. But it's main power is derived from 'mobile technology' and SMS!

Here is that system:

"The Auto Recruiting Platform"

The system that we now use is founded by Don Glanville (who I personally know and have access to):

Some things about Amy and her fist sale back then:

1- She had zero experience online
2- She had marketing dollars to start with
3- She trusted me and listened to me
4- She was a go getter
5- She believed in herself

Amy put $4K in her pocket within her 1st Month Online with no ZERO prior experience before meeting me.

She built her business in her down time and couldn't even see the training videos from our system because the computers on the base had very high level security.

My wife had to burn her about 20 Video CD's and mail it to her on the base so that she could access the proper training.

Making Money on the Internet isn't hard just as long as you can GENERATE Your Own 'Targeted' traffic and funnel it into a 'Highly' Converting Marketing System!

I know that this is an 'old' story but don't you think that this is a great story?

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    I would love to hear more about what she did, and less about the sales pitch.

    please cut to the chase?
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    She followed-->> my directions...

    You have to keep in mind that Amy trusted me enough to listen. So many people look for coaches but not everyone will listen after they get started with you.

    She did pretty well did everything that I outlined in an old post that I made not too long ago (except the personal development part. She already believed in her 'self', she was military and they are a special breed indeed.

    They are disciplined.

    But the good news is you don't have to go through the military to become successful here in IM.

    Here is that: old post
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