how do you manage your career and relationship?

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For those who have bills to pay.

I am not growing fast enough skill wise. With a month to month pay check i have to be happy with having a job.

Now, just talked with my boss and they are very happy with me. So they added some responsibility.

My family and friends are thrilled. I am thinking: with this speed i might earn 10k a month (just picked a number, the point is the slow process) and be manager in 10 years from now.

The steps seem to small, the progress to slow.

I feel responsible for providing for my family but i also have my goals and dreams of using my full capabilities.

Have any of you been trough this and how did you manage to take the leap forward?

I understand i can't be "there" next year, but have you experienced the feeling of going to small and slow?
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    I have an obsessive personality, and typically when I find success I tend to gravitate towards identifying the one source of it, and becoming hyper-focused on it.

    my personal relationships have suffered. My goal now is to grow a business that does not require an unrealistic commitment of time, then manage it, so I can live the life that includes happiness outside of just work.

    It sounds like you are looking for something similar?
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    No and yes.

    I will give you an example.

    At the moment i am a telemarketeer. I had a 6 month contract and worked my butt off. I made appointments with some major companies and the company i work for have some great deals ahead because of this.

    They are very, very happy with me so now the 6 months are over we had our contract negotiations. I am getting another 6 months and will get some extra responsibilities like email marketing. I might get approved on my request for an education in marketing.

    In 6 months we will discuss my future futher.

    See, this is good news in that i have another 6 months. Getting some extra things to do shows their trust in me.

    However, in 6 months a year will have gone by where i haven't really grown that much, skillwise.

    This is slow progress to me but according to all my friends and family this is a normal and even a good progression.

    So on one hand i am happy, on the other hand i believe with this speed i might be able to use my full capabilities in 10 years from now.

    I do have a house, so bills need to be paid. However, i want to move quicker. Grow faster.

    I am wondering if others on this forum have experienced a similar situation and how he/she changed the situation.

    Recognize reality even when you don't like it - especially when you don't like it.
    — Charlie Munger

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      I gotcha.

      you dont feel fulfilled in your current position, dont feel challenged.

      One thing Ive always learned in that situation (and maybe I'm different because I notice a trend that many here hate their day job, I dont fit that mold) once you get REALLY good at what you do, to become irreplaceable, you must create a new need, and a new role for yourself, and present to the company WHY you should be the one to do this.

      I have done this going into new companies, negotiating terms of a job position thats supposed to be "cookie cutter" and come out with the role I wanted. Its a matter of what you offer and can bring to the table as a bargaining chip, and is a lot easier once you already are employed there, because 'replacing' you is still expensive
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