Want to get organized? Get a BlackBerry!

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I'm not kidding, put some clothes on, call a cab and drive to the cellphone store and buy it!

It has literally improved my productivity 1000%.

There is a function in there called "Tasks". You input things that you need to do in there and set reminders.

When it's time to do something, the phone vibrates and reminds you to do a certain thing.

There is no way you can forget anything, with a blackbery (unless you forget to set the reminder).

P.S: Pretty useful for checking emails on the go as well
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    I'm thinking about buying one on ebay. My cell's battery died and I'm sick of falling for the two year contract thing. Blackberry's seem pretty cool. Question...
    Is the internet a separate cost or does it go against air time minutes, or included? and I alos noticed the tethered internet capabilities on some of them...same questions as above..
    (if you get time...Thanks in advance)
    Nick Logan
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      What's even better than a Blackberry is an iPhone. Even though it can be a personal preferance the user interface is amazing. It has all the same functions as a BlackBerry but you can install hundreds of apps that make you very productive. Even though it's all about personal preferance, iPhones are for people who like easy to use software and slick integration.
      Even though I'm only 16, I'm rollin' in 1k per week online while working 2hr a day.
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        Originally Posted by Steve Porcaro View Post

        They are good, but the bottom line is I find them big distractors
        It's not the Blackberry, it's how they're used ...

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    I also love my iPhone. I set reminders all the time to make sure I get my tasks done. I also holds all of my emails accounts(About 10 right now). The apps are what really sets it apart.

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      I'm a Verizon customer, and I can get a Blackberry for about $90.00 with a 2 year contract. I mention this because someone said they were sick of the 2 yr. renewal thing.

      I have a Sony Clie' PDA really old and I do use it quite a bit. I'm a Musician, and I have lists of songs on it with the key I play or sing them in. I have a Bible on it, with a very quick way of looking up book, chapter and verse. I downloaded my outlook address book into it and have found that useful on several occaisions , A huge to do list ( that never gets done)

      The truth is I have a battered up notebook of paper that I use for my day to day to do list. It works fine. I might agree with the comment that you waste a bunch of time and get a lot of distraction what with the learning curve, and all the entering.

      However... I'm a real gadget guy and I'd love a Blackberry <grin>

      I just read this message and I wonder what my point is??? Sorry.

      Ron Wagner
      Exciting! No more frustration

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      It's actually a Crackberry not a Blackberry. I'm addicted to mine...
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    Im about to Upgrade from my Nokia N95 to either a iPhone or a BlackBerry Bold.........im still confused which one to go for?

    I need it for email on the go mainly & I have a iPod nano already - for
    the gym & car.

    Any suggestions??
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    been stuck between blackberry and an iphone, suggestions?
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    I have had my Blackberry for about 6 months now and find it a pretty good phone. I like the iPhone's web browser a lot more than my blackberry. The only thing with the iPhone is they are still having network and hardware issues.
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    I agree.. Blackberry or any other phone won't work without the proper use of it.
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    If you want to get organized - buy an iphone! I have one and that is a live safer!

    Or just get a mac!
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    Really!? Lol then I will surely check it out...always wanted one!

    Stop Looking For Handouts, Work or Sacrifice for What You Want!

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