Can you change the direction of your life in this manner?

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One of the questions that I get a lot is …

“What can I do right now to change my life in a dramatic manner?”
Unfortunately, there is no easy or simple answer because I do not believe that anyone can change their life in a single moment in time. At least, I don't believe it is possible in a positive manner, as you can drive drunk and you'll surely change the rest of your life, what's left of it anyway.

Instead, change is more of a process. It is what you do every single day, day in and day out. It is not something that shows results from day 1 or day 7 or even day 154. Instead, it is something that builds on itself, brick by brick, until it is strong enough to give you real life results.

Look, sometimes I see life as a binary system. You have part A – opportunity and part B, who you are and what are your competences. The opportunity always exists but you can take advantage of it only if who you are suits the role. For example, selling to a mom & pop store a business package may take a skill level of 25 / 100 while selling to a Fortune 500 CEO it may take 90 / 100.

To make this less abstract, life is generally very, very fair. You get what you are. You don't get what you want or what you think you deserve. If you are good in something and an opportunity arises that requires your skill there, you reap the reward. It is as simple as that. You don't need to make it more complicated.

If you try and it doesn't work, it means that you are not ready yet for that thing / reward and you need to get back to the drawing board. When I go to the gym, I don't try to lift 50 kg if I can only do 25 kg. There is absolutely no benefit in doing so and I may even (or surely) harm myself in the process. However, there are people who can lift 50 or 100 or even 200.

They've developed their muscles and they can lift that weight. The same in practical reality. You develop your muscles, no matter if it is communication, persuasion, charisma, soft and hard skills, etc and when you need to lift the weight you either can do it or you can not.

There is no point in getting upset or mad if you can't. It simply means that you are not still there. You can be if you train, it will take some time but you can't do what you are not. It is a basic law of existence.

Getting back to the question posted earlier … “What can I do to change my life right now?”

Since this question enters the category of “how long is a rope”, a funny way of saying a question is useless without a proper context, I'm going to give you what I DO in order to advance towards my goals. And that is:
1) I set daily priorities.
2) I stay consistent in them.
3) I reap the rewards.

Right now, I've revised my priority system to ten rituals. These are:
1) Invest two hours (2 x 50 minutes) into work.
2) Invest two hours (2 x 50 minutes) into work.
3) Invest two hours (2 x 50 minutes) into work.
4) Study copywriting for one hour (2 x 30 minutes)
5) Study body-language for one hour (2 x 30 minutes)
6) Study self-improvement for one hour (2 x 30 minutes)
7) Do the designated gym routine for the day.
8) Meditate (breathe / mindfulness) for 20 minutes)
9) Take gym supplements (three times)
10) Wake up between 07:00 – 08:30.

And now let me tell you a little story that I've heard in one of Darren Hardy's videos. This company wanted to hire Richard Branson to come and speak at one of their seminars. They called Hardy's office to intermediate this.

They said that they'll offer $100.000 for a single hour speech. The office called Branson's office and they refused. They next made an offer for $250.000. They called, they rejected the offer. Finally, $500.000, a private jet, everything paid, just for one hour of Richard Branson's time. They called.

As you may have guessed – again, they rejected the offer.

Tired and annoyed, they simply said “Give us a number. Just tell us whatever is required to get Mr. Branson to talk at our event”. The answer from Branson's office was “Mr. Branson right now focuses on only three strategic priorities and we are allowed to allocate his time only if the task falls within these priorities. Public speaking, for any sum of money is NOT within these priorities”.

That's brilliance. Because in life it is not doing 5000 things right. It is about doing a handful, that matter the most. When I've did Karate as a kid, it wasn't about learning many complicated moves. All we did was to repeat the same basic moves again and again and again and maybe change their order. But the entire system could have been summarized by 12 – 15 ways to kick with your hand or feet.

The same applies in life.

It is about doing those things that matter, that can get you the highest ROI in a consistent manner. To dig a few holes as far as possible into the ground than to dig many small holes. The difference between a mid level manager and a CEO may be the difference between $250.000/year and $25.000.000/year. The reason is that the CEO focused on becoming more valuable to the company in only one key area while the manager is more of a jack of all trades.

I don't have an exact statistic but a doctor specialized in brain surgery earns about 50% more than a generalist doctor. An engineer specialized in aerospace earns about double compared to a general one. A public speaker that is specialized let's say in finance can command a lot more than a public speakers that talks about anything and everyone.

And setting your daily priorities through daily rituals is the fastest way to get from A to B. Yes, it can become boring and yes, it will annoy you sometimes. But just like the athlete who goes into the gym, trains every single day for hours in a row and then wins the gold medal, this is the only way I see that results can be achieved in life.

It won't work overnight. But it will change your direction almost overnight.

My habits are not what you need. These are designed for my goals, my strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you need to focus more on money and less on learning. Or maybe you need to focus on building self-esteem and expressing yourself instead of going to the gym. I don't know. Do whatever works for you.

But pick a set of habits. Get the application “WAY OF LIFE” from the AppStore and use it. It is in the shortcuts bar on my phone. And then do them, stay consistent and build a new path in your life.

If you want to get good in public speaking then dedicate one hour practicing this. If you want to become a lawyer, invest one hour a day studying past cases plus your required law literature. If you want to lose weight, create a habit of walking 10.000 steps a day and another of doing cardio at the gym.

Ideally, you should up less than 10 rituals. I basically have three – work, study, gym, each with the actions I need to take plus meditation and waking up early. However, I could have more but I won't since if you have too many priorities, you have none.

That's about it. Determine what you want. Determine what you need to do on a daily basis for at least 90 days (this is the major test, will I need to do this for at least 90 days to get a result? If the answer is no, then it is the wrong area of your life as you should focus on things that will impact you for the rest of your life) and then do it.

Then one day … you'll wake up in a different world. A different person. The sun will shine a lot brighter. The coffee will taste better. You'll have more money into your bank account. You'll even find yourself smiling without reason. And you'll realize that you've arrived.

Where? Only to the next step of your journey, since it is never actually over, but in a place far better than where you've been before.

Best regards,
Razvan Rogoz

PS: If you own an authority blog in the self-improvement niche with at least 5000 unique visitors per month and you would like to guest post blog for you for free (with everything proofed, of course), please send me a PM.
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    Good advice Razvan. Well said.
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    Great article Razwan.

    I think it comes down to:

    1. Setting your goal - Knowing exactly what you want
    2. Setting your priorities right and doing the most important things that will move you nearer to your goals.
    3. Focus
    4. Taking the right action consistently

    And the reason why most people don't change their life is because they cannot discipline themselves to follow through what they have set out to do.

    By the way, I think Richard Branson's office should have straight away told Darren Hardy that Mr Branson doesn't accept public speaking offers. That would have saved a lot of time.

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    Great post, great wisdom. The keys to success, or failure, are hidden in our daily routine.
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    @Rogoz Razvan - Thanks for the post man you always preaching the reality of life. Sometimes we thought we deserve more in life and we want to make it happen right away but the sad thing is it needs some process.
    Hooked To Success -Personal development For People Who Wants Success.
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    NLP, according to one of the founder's - Richard Bandler - was developed to restore back in seconds the false belief that was sometimes created in seconds. His reasoning was that if it only took a few seconds to create a lifetime fear of spiders then it could be undone within seconds.

    This is tricky because it can only be in seconds in part. You can cut down a forest in minutes but it takes a while to grow one back. Violence being used to create a fear can be done in seconds because it is destruction. It takes a bit for emotion to grow back. But the other part of his reasoning is right on. It only takes seconds to forgive to cure anger but it can sometimes take years to get a person to forgive.

    Here is how I figured out how to truly change on the deepest level:

    Answering the single greatest question in psychology and personal development

    - exactly how to change.

    Actual real lasting change has been maddeningly elusive. Developing a reproducible effective system that anyone could use to produce change at will is beyond comprehension. What it actually takes to change has been unknown to the world even with the threat of death. Having recently reviewed a study on change involving heart patients who would die unless they changed their diet or exercise, it was found that the success rate of change with the threat of death was only one in seven. That is to say that only one in seven people when faced with death as a real consequence were able to change their habits and be able to live. The other six died having not been able to change. Real change has been practically impossible - until now.

    Having spent twenty-five years developing the system to achieving core level change it has finally been developed - Gutap. The exact process is spelled out step by step below in an easy to understand way in order to provide clarity and definition.

    A systematized conscious reproducible method for change that works every single time

    The deepest core beliefs have been the most difficult thing to change in ourselves and in others. It is because of the lack of a reproducible system for change that many people firmly believe that people can't really change at all.

    The basis of this process for change is that beliefs are formed in emotion. It is through feeling emotion along with one's determining of how things are that beliefs are formed. The stronger the emotion the deeper, more powerful, longer lasting the core belief becomes. In order to change a deep core belief the emotion it was formed in has to be felt again just as it was originally in order to begin the process of change.

    Our feelings are the most powerful gate to permanently changing our thoughts (our beliefs). Our feelings are the doorway to being able to change at the deepest level. You must feel the feeling fully as powerful and as painfully as it is to then open the doorway to have the chance to access change. Once you are feeling the feeling as fully as it truly is then you ask what it is that it really wants you to know, to listen for anything that is the truth. Any negative answer is not the truth. Stay feeling the negative feeling and relaxed. Listen only for the positive answer while feeling the negative feeling. When it comes you will be able to recognize the truth of it by beginning to see the previous negative feeling begin to change when you connect that positive answer you just received into the negative feeling to flow the feeling of the positive answer into the negative feeling to change it. The act of feeling the negative emotion also strengthens us to be able to be emotionally strong enough to find the answer in spite of the pain and also strong enough to hold the connection between the positive and negative to allow the time for the positive feeling to flow into the negative feeling.

    Here are the three steps to Gutap again in a nutshell:
    1) Feel the feeling
    2) Find the answer
    3) Let the feeling of the answer flow in

    Here are the three steps to Gutap again with slightly more description:
    1) Feel the feeling of our limiting belief.
    2) Find what the positive answer is that it actually wants us to know.
    3) Connect the feeling of what it wants us to know and let the feeling of that answer flow into our limiting belief to change it.

    That is as simply as I can put it.

    Connect the old and new feeling and let the new positive healthy answers flow into the negative feeling to change it.

    Double check that the negative feeling is changing, and then completely changes.

    Then there are over three hundred sublevels that involve dealing with every conceivable variation and failings. Obviously it can become extremely complex and almost impossible to follow through once you become triggered. This is just one reason it pays to get help to do this.

    Is there anyone you have ever heard of that can back up a claim like this? I do it through explaining the process, completely and concisely, answering all your questions around personal development, offering client examples of achievement, while demonstrating exactly how this works for you.

    1) Explain it
    a. Connect it to other theories
    b. Fill in the gaps
    c. Explain why other theories don't always work
    2) Show why it works
    a. Built upon other things that do work
    3) Demonstrate in a small example I call the Ice Cream Exercise
    4) Verify it worked

    This system was put together from over twenty-five separate and distinct sources. Some of the sources don't realize the others even exist. They are too busy promoting their own agenda. While others hate each other, fighting among themselves, constantly sabotaging their own development in a shared hatred instead of realizing how they each have a piece of the whole pie. I put it together and filled in several gaps after twenty five years of research and development.

    Let the positive feelings of exactly what the negative belief is trying to teach you flow in to the feeling of the false belief to change it.
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    Great Post. Thank You
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  • Profile picture of the author ryanbiddulph
    I like it RR.

    I say, find a freeing driver. Change occurs gradually but once you make freeing decisions instead of comfortable decisions wow can things change quickly. That tipping point happens when you know why you're making the change.

    For me, I wanted to be free more than I feared being uncomfortable. So I made free decisions and acted on them to travel the world as a pro blogger.

    Example; Blogging from Paradise was borne after I deleted 5400 or so posts from my old blog. I released 5 year's worth of work to create my current rocking blog and community and eBook library, all because I did the freeing but uncomfortable thing, and all because I knew why I wanted to be free.

    Well said RR, super post!

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Awesome post.

    Achieving your goals comes down to setting daily rituals and routines that take you closer to your goals. The key is to get out of the instant results mindset. Success takes time and does not happen overnight.


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    Hi, I am new to this site and I am so glad your post was the first one I stumbled on! Great advice, I agree its the positive daily habits you incorporate in you life to assist on your path toward positive changes and happiness. Thanks again!
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  • Profile picture of the author RogozRazvan
    @Talfighel – Thank you. I appreciate it.

    @Maemusa – Exactly. At the end of the day, you don't remember having fun watching that movie or wasting time on an Internet Marketing forum. You remember what you've achieved. That event. It may be buying a new home or buying an iPhone. It may be making a $50.000 sale or a $50 sale. It may be finishing reading a book or completing a long course. It doesn't really matter. It is a goal accomplished. And as far as I see it, the purpose of life is to set worthwhile goals and to accomplish them. First work, then play, not the other way around.

    To answer your last (rhetorical) question, I've thought about the same thing. The thing is that Mr. Branson accepts public speaking offers, since he was here, in my country, last year. For 50 minutes or so, Robin Sharma was for the rest of the day but he actually spoke on the stage. I guess it wasn't right then.

    @Crp2511 – Thank you.

    @JagSEO – It is not a sad thing. I don't consider that unworthy people should win. In the end, when someone who doesn't deserve something wins, someone who deserved that thing losses. My value system is based around meritocracy. That's my problem with the Law of Attraction. Even if I consider it complete BS, it annoys me that so many people think they can get what they want without actually working for it.

    Life is not always a zero sum game but most of the time, it is. And between the person that fights to achieve a goal and the person that simply wants the universe to send it to him or her, I respect and admire the first one.

    @TobyJensen – I do have have extensive training (not only theoretical but also workshops) in NLP and I don't see how this is related to the essence of what I've said but thank you anyway. My goal was to show that everything in life comes through a process. For me that process stands in itself and it is not related to emotions or beliefs. It is E X E = R (efficiency x effectiveness = results). How good you do your job and how much of it you do it.

    @Wesshur – Thank you.

    @RyanBiddulph – Exactly, but you may want to mention that success did not came overnight. It is true, it takes me now one week to achieve what it took me 8 years ago two – three – six months. But it was a process. I couldn't have gotten here without building victory on victory, just as you did.

    And the fact that you are living right now in paradise and you are a success by many different standards is the result of a process. Every single day you've invested yourself, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much towards achieving a goal. And that's why you've achieved what you've achieved.

    @C G – Thank you. Exactly.

    @Purplefusion – Thank you Andrea. Welcome to Warrior Forum and I am glad that I could be of service to you.

    Best regards,
    Razvan Rogoz
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