Compound Interest of Little Steps

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It's widely known how powerful compound interest is. $1000 invested with an interest of 10% a year (less than average long-term return of the stock market in the USA) returns more than $2500 in 10 years and more than $17000 in 30 years!

But do we follow the same obviously wise path in other areas of our life? Or we fall prey of "get rich quick" beliefs, which hurt so many people so badly in finance?

What if instead of trying to change everything in an instant we could improve performance of our work by just 1% every month? Sell 1% more? Move 1% more? Read 1% more? Lose 1% of "extra" weight?

Where is the limit of such "compound interest"? Do you use it's amazing power right now just like you do (or at least you should) in your retirement account?
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