Why So Many Fail With Their Online Business

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I want to say something controversial, but it's really from my heart and I hope that this will open a debate among warriors.

I've been making a living online for over 5 years now. I've had ups and down and built my business from scratch.

I've had many 5-figure months, and the journey has been incredible.

However, during these 5 years, I've often asked myself WHY so very few people actually make it online. I can tell you for a fact that ALL the information you need is there online for FREE. You don't need another product or WSO to start making money online.

It's there on Youtube, forums, and blogs, and you probably know deep inside what you should be doing.

And yet, very few succeed.

Brian Tracy said that only 5% of the population can become entrepreneurs. It's just the way it is. Before, I used to think that ANYONE could make a living online, but now I'm convinced that the opposite is true. Very few will actually succeed. Maybe only 5%, like Mr Tracy said...

I don't say that to be negative, but to make you realize what you're up against.

The cold hard truth about creating an online, job-killing income is that, if it were easy, everyone would do it. Next, you read a sales page that tells you it's "easy", "simple", and so on. Think again.

So, after a lot of soul searching, coaching other online entrepreneurs, and reviewing my observations, I came to one simple explanation:

Most warriors who come to this forum are trying to get something for nothing.

They want the result, but don't want to go through the process.

I've met two kinds of people trying to make money online:

The person who understands that it's a job like any other, where you have to get stuff done for a long time before you see massive results.

The person who wants massive results, fast without effort.

A few weeks ago, I had a friend from college who wanted me to train him in online marketing. He just had a child, worked in an office, and wanted to boost his income.

I talked with him on the phone for an hour and decided to help him by offering a training that was fairly priced.

He was excited and sent me an email the next day that he would do it if he'd be guaranteed to make "a lot of money" if he worked an hour per day...

Trying to get something for nothing. Ain't gonna happen...

It's my sincere belief that a lot of aspiring online marketers consciously or unconsciously operate from this mindset.

The first step to change is awareness, so I'm wondering if you can relate to what I just described or you feel that your hurdle is something else?

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    Very interesting post and I tend to agree with you.

    I think people are just too lazy. I often feel people are still seeking the magic ''push button'' that will bring them their fortune.
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    Why they fail? They give up way early before results start to formulate.
    And because of:
    - Lack of knowledge
    - Lack of entrepreneurial mind
    - Lack of IQ
    - Lack of Perseverance

    They are born for a 5-9 Job.
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    Hey SuperRyan, good post. However, it's not really helping a person to really see how much it takes to create a "job-killing business".

    How much do you work nowadays?

    What's your day like?
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    A great post, which paints a true picture, which is rare these days. Yes an hour a day will not cut it.

    The first step someone needs to take before jumping in the pool called the Internet is to check how well equipped they are to face up to a challenge. What knowledge of experience of life will help them with their endeavour. Do they have any knowledge of sales and marketing. Do they have technical computing skills. Have they a designer flair. Do they like writing or talking with people. These are just some of the many questions they should be asking themselves.

    Do they have money both to live off and to invest in themselves and their new venture until such time that income starts to flow in. Whilst a conventional business might take 3-5 years to break even, working on the Internet has less overheads and could be making a return within its first year.

    They will probably be working from your home and this can cause distractions if family members are around the house during your working day. Note I said "working day" because they need to become disciplined and set aside time when they are going to work. Some people like to set up an office in a room of their house or even use a garage or outhouse, so they go to work and when they are in their "office" they are not to be disturbed.

    The next step is to start investigating avenues of interest and researching more into the nitty gritty as to exactly how they plan to make their first million. Looking at forums such as this and asking questions of people such as Ryan who are following a path that they might be able to emulate.

    David Ogden an Entrepreneur at Markethive which uses a suite of free marketing tools to promote his opportunity. Contact:- Telegram @davidogden

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    Good read. Your message is an inspiration to those that are still starting out here in the online business.
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    Basically, you have to put in 99% hard work in order to see results. Aim for the long-term results, hence more hard work upfront. Too many people wants short term results which are either non-existent or unsustainable.

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  • I like your post SuperRyan.

    Thomas Edison once said "Genius in one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration". He could have replaced "genius" by "success" and no one would have seen the difference. Having learned it the hard way, there are no easy or fast path to big rewards.

    Thumb up for your post.
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    I think so many people fails because of their wrong strategies and methods implementations. Proper planned strategies can help you to efficiently utilize resources and thus form the basis of success. Ultimately it leads to business ahead among the competitor along with earning portability and success.

    But for that you have to know how to extract benefits from limited resources what you have.

    An Interview conducted by SweetProcess with Ajay Prasad is good example to learn. In this Interview he is explaining about his remarkable success journey and the difficulties that he faced to achieve it.
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    • Profile picture of the author Jeff Schuman
      Excellent post Ryan. Over the years I have interacted with many people in the make money online niche and have found the biggest reason people fail is they lack Internet marketing skills.

      Without skills you are dead in the water. Even outsourcing your business takes skills. Learn how to do Internet marketing, and then you at least have a chance to fail or succeed on your efforts at that point.
      Jeff Schuman - SEO Blog Writer For Hire! Buy affordable, SEO, quality, MMO niche blog articles. Fast turnaround.
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    While drafting an idea for a project earlier, the near exact thought crossed my mind...

    In my theories (many which have already been stated) there are a few observations that I've made both online and off.

    People by nature want to be lead...shown the path to refuge. There too, they have been psychologically conditioned in the work arena to work 5 or 6 days, and receive payment within 7-14 days from the inception their efforts began...always looking forward to that paycheck...(even thoughfor many, there's virtually nothing left remaining after they attain it).

    Lastly, and speaking metaphorically, life is like a mountain...very few make the climb in the first few atempts. Some wind up bleeding, beat up, even scarred for life after a good swift backslide.

    Meanwhile, down in the valley remain the majority...awaiting inspiration or news of someone having succeeded despite the odds. More often than not, these spectators witness those who attempt, but fail. They see the blood, sweat, tears, and agony of those who do try to endure the risks.

    A rare few, will get right back up...still bleeding and do it again, and, again...each time getting closer and closer to the top of the mountain. Each time, building confidence through repetition, and soon they see their dream is within reach... And they succeed.

    There in the valley...success is not the common truth, failure is...for they look with their eyes, and hear with their ears the whispers of fear, ridicule, and insecurity...(as it surrounds them - encompassing their a ility to conceive or believe in anything wholeheartedly; passionately)

    They ( the onlookers) then talk amongst themselves... "It's smart to wait until the chore becomes easier, proven, and mapped out for them."

    That's where a true entrepreneur/leader lays his/her judgements aside, and realizes; "what good is success, if no one to share the experience with?"

    Thus, proceeding back down the mountain to gather the brave who are willing to endure the trek... And though be them few, for each one that recognizes the journey can be accomplished... Makes backsliding down the mountain all that much more fun and exciting...as opposed to that of allowing ones life to pass them by (sitting on their ass) looking a this precious life as a spectator sport!

    I personally may not have perfected the climb (as of yet), and bear many scars from many failed attempts... But I'll damned if I haven't seen that the top is clearly within reach.

    And to most, they will cling to finding flaws, as opposed to honoring the challenge.

    Sadly, last time I checked... The teleportation equipment had yet to be invented...so why would the path to success on the internet be any different?

    People mask their beliefs in fear. If they believed; they'll succeed...the odds increase exponentially.

    Unfortunately, showing people the path has been obscured by false leaders, poor teachings, and misguided souls who proclaim to 'have'... Only to abuse the 'have nots' even more.

    It's really no surprise 95% of people remain paralysed in fear...thats all they've ever seen, witnessed, and been programmed to believe!

    Might we only hope to remain in the company who share in a vision of success, for in my observations thus far...it's a much broader view.

    To you who actually reads this... Forget about the money (for now) strap on your boots, cause some of the shit life slings can get pretty deep!

    But when you commit to success, your views will change, and you'll realize; to obtain it...one need only look beyond themself, what you have is not imoortant...what you offer others IS.

    All the Best,


    PS - dang thread got me all philosophical, generally I try to keep most of the above bound in the trappings of my journal entries, lol
    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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