Don't make it a permanent vacation!

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If the project you are working on means anything to you, then you won't really enjoy the couch potato solution as much as you might think. Funny thing about the really big powerful dreams, they haunt us.

Every time you turn around there it is following you around reminding you that you haven't finished it yet. It will keep showing up in everything you do and especially in the things that you don't do. If it really matters, if it's your calling, if it's your life's work, then it isn't going to let you become a couch potato. Laying around not doing your dream will be more exhausting and depressing then when you were working your buns off trying to make it come true.

Take a quick break if you need to, but don't get too comfy sitting there and don't even think that you aren't going to get back up again. The longer you sit there, the further behind schedule you'll be and the more you'll have to do to catch up with where you were when you quit.

You know how it is when you take a week off for vacation. You have to work two or three weeks to catch up with everything that fell behind. You have got to take your mental health breaks, but don't make it a permanent vacation.
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    Thanks for you insights! I've always felt the need to take a day or two in between projects or a bit longer for bigger projects. I believe we have all encountered that person who can't stop working or who can't sit without doing anything for a long time. I guess thats okay but a little unhealthy. I always believe that we need breaks to restart/refresh our minds.
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