The Strangest secret in the world

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I share with you this recording of Earl Nithingale where he shares one of the most simple secrets of success that is too much simple that you will think it's strange and you will ignore it, but only wise people will know it, and use it to succeed, this recording of Earl Nithingale changed my life for the better and life of a lot of people, i hope you enjoy it and if you know something about this please share it.


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    Very good.

    I listened to it all and it's all so very true.
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    Been listening to this at least once per month for years now.

    Old but still relevant in this day and age.


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    This is a wonderful share! Love Earl, everything he says speaks so true to life. If you have a chance check out his 'Lead the Field' it's also very good.
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  • The Strangest Secret: "You become what you think about MOST OF THE TIME!"

    This is so true, because what you think about most of the time will alter how you FEEL, and how you feel will dictate THE FREQUENCY YOU ARE VIBRATING, and You CREATE What You Are In Vibrational Resonance with!

    Law Of Attraction 101

    YOURS In Prosperity,

    Omar "Power Moves" Adams
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    Downloading this to my IPOD. Thanks for sharing.
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