5 Strategies To Maximize Time

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There is no denying in the truth of the saying, "Time is gold."

You never seem to get enough of time. Even if you are given thirty hours in a day, you still won't be able to get enough of it. Somehow, some things will come up and you will end up wanting more time. Time is a precious commodity. Once it's gone, it cannot be recovered.

The fact is: when you are busy, time flies swiftly. But when you are not, time seems to be at a stand still. This is true when you are killing time because there is nothing else to do under the circumstances.

How do you maximize the use of your time? It would be worth your time to consider the following strategies:

1. Check your schedule at the start of the day. Review it in its entirety. You may notice that portions of your day may be hectic, while some may not be too frenzied. Distribute your activities evenly throughout the day.

Keep note pads handy so you can keep track of your schedule. It also helps to remind you of your tasks and commitments. Note pads and schedule notebooks help you avoid overlapping of activities. In case of overlaps, determine which one is priority.

After spreading your schedule for the day and you still feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks to be accomplished, you may have to forego some of them. Re-schedule other tasks for another day.

What you are actually doing is very much like cleaning a closet. When your closet is in order, you avoid being accidentally hit on the head by falling objects upon opening its door. Also, if it is in order, you will likely find spare spaces available.

2. Request for a re-schedule in advance. This is especially true when another person will be affected. Show courtesy by doing this is advance. This leaves time for the person to adjust to the new schedule. Who knows? You may be doing the other parties a favor. They may be in the same predicament as you are, and they will not be aware unless you make it known to them.

3. Be creative. Time is an element when simple creativity can be put to practice. For example, you need to do the laundry but at the same time, you also have to rush and buy some groceries. Perhaps, what you can do is to set your washing machine to do the laundry while you step out to the grocers. Manage your time in the grocery and back home, just in time when the laundry is done.

You can even do the cooking at the same time by using a slow cooker. It cooks food by itself. You can even pick up the kids from school after shopping. Four tasks are combined to one. All it takes is scheduling and a little creativity.

4. When you have to do a certain task for the first time, it is natural for mistakes to happen. However, a first time task doesn't have to be a blunder. If there is no clear direction on how things should be done, take time to plan it out before you take action. This saves time, energy, and money.

5. Visualize the possible outcome of your objective.
Seek out alternatives. Choose the better of two or more alternatives. If there is only one option, do it just the same. Some tasks may appear difficult when you think about it, but not necessarily when put into action. The same thing is true the other way around.

Time is something you could never have enough of. You become wise when you choose to maximize it.
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    Great points there Lian,

    If you guys want great tips on time management you should read the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. I have to say that after reading it, my whole life took a shift in how I manage my time. I guarntee once you read it you will know what I am talking about.
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      Originally Posted by Raygun View Post

      Great points there Lian,

      If you guys want great tips on time management you should read the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. I have to say that after reading it, my whole life took a shift in how I manage my time. I guarntee once you read it you will know what I am talking about.
      Thanks..... i think i'll take a look at the book. appreciate your advice and i like books that create a shift.
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      Originally Posted by Raygun View Post

      Great points there Lian,

      If you guys want great tips on time management you should read the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. I have to say that after reading it, my whole life took a shift in how I manage my time. I guarntee once you read it you will know what I am talking about.
      Thanks for that suggestion. I was looking for something like that right now.
      I'm off to Amazon.....
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    The principles mentioned here on time management is great,i would like to add more to it,
    for your time management schedules and plan to succeed the most important thing is the focussed effort one should not waver by indulging in non productive activities.
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    Here's how you can add 15 more days for yourself in a year.
    Get up one hour earlier.
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    Dont multitask it takes you at least fifteen mimutes to get back your full focus if you say check your emails every half an hour. Check them maybe every four hours. For maximum concentration you should have a ten minute break every hour and a half and stop for exercise as well.

    A long term trategy for time management is .......
    Another way to get good time management is to write down what you are thinking about in any day. If something is on your mind it is sapping your energy and it is emotional baggage. Write a list of all the things that you have that is emotional baggage and then read it.

    Secondly split that list into two ditch the things that you can do nothing about and let them go, things like someone asking a refund for your product, a row you had two years ago, an unresolved family issue, your great AuntMaud hating her christmas present, the break up with your ex, you know the things I mean.

    On the list of things to do something about set yourself a time limit and write your gaols down so that you can resolve the situation. It is amazing what you can achieve time management wise whn you have closure of the empty baggage that you are carrying around

    La dominatrix
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    Nice thread.
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    Thanks for the strategies. I have a whiteboard, I think I'm going to try the priority lists mentioned by WordPro. Being able to erase the completed day sounds great.

    Another strategy I have found helpful is to come up with a reward system that goes hand in hand with completing tasks on your daily/weekly schedule.
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    Well one thing can be argued there, time is not gold.

    "Gold is time"
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    One of my favorite concepts comes from "the Power of Full Engagement" by Tony Shwartz - the subtitle explains it all:

    Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal

    I could quote a thousand words, but you can read much of the book on Google Books

    Basically, you need to be in the right frame of mind, and balance your energy properly. Give yourself a proper balance of rest and work so that you will be most effective to deal with any problem that comes your way. Make life a series of short sprints, not a long marathon. You want to always be able to see the goal you are trying to achieve. So many ideas... Go search for it
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    It's the key for the success, if you organise time, you can make some good work
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      thanks for this info. you have done a great job
      Remember, time cannot be recovered. Once is passes away, it will never be back. So be wise and maximize!
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    Good tips there mate. Another good one is fine is to set yourself tight deadlines, that way it stops you wasting tmie and keeps you focused.
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    OK, I'll stick my neck out here!

    Time management: there's no such thing!

    We all have the same amount of time - but 'time' can't be managed.

    We can only manage our "activities" in the time available.

    Get the activities right and you'll have all the time in the world to do
    what you desire...

    Geoff Carter
    Business Success Consultant
    Go to: http://www.BusinessSuccessConsultant.com
    Success Not Stress

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    I think Geoff Carter nailed the whole time management issue right on the dot! Great job Geoff. I believe even the animals dont have a concept of time because they don't have clocks! Everyday is just another day and they don't know what day it is?!

    Please read the sig file rules

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  • Profile picture of the author Geoff Carter
    Thanks Henry!

    Phew!! I feel a whole lot better now...

    By the way... have I time to write some more? ;-)


    Cheers all....

    Geoff Carter
    Business Success Consultant
    Go to: http://www.BusinessSuccessConsultant.com
    Success Not Stress

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    The blog's not boring - it's just opened up your mind to endless ideas to help promote your business.

    I Hope you did yawn, and I also hope it got you thinking too.

    Hope this helps.

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    Awesome thread! WordPro: I love your whiteboard strategy. Thinking about going out and getting one right now. Helixia: What an interesting concept--getting up one hour earlier every day adds 15 days to your year. How cool is that?
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    The main thing to keep in mind is not, "how am I spending my time," but, "what goal am I trying to reach". You might be well-organized and not a time-waster per se, but it isn't how you spend your time, it's where you're going with it.

    So organize and prioritize your time and tasks always with the goal in mind. What tasks actually move you closer to your goal? Organize and focus your time according to this principle and you will find that your time-management skills will be more highly sharpened, and achievement of your goals realized more quickly and more fully.
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    I seem to be missing maybe the thread go too long but did I see the use of proper Delegation in here anywhere?

    Happy new Year 2019

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    hey, newbie here think it is not only benefical to those who are in this business, but also to all the people who want to lead an effective life.
    Good post indeed.
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    well Time is really gold and really precious you need to maximize them thoroughly.
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    Time is really important because we cannot stop the moment. We cannot bring back the past so we need maximize our time into a most productive and fruitful ways.

    That is a very good strategy.
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    Here's a quick time management tip for you guys.

    Use a timer.

    I use one called xnote stopwatch to set apart a particular amount of time for a particular exercise.

    Remember: "work always expands to fill in the amount of time allotted for its completion".
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    Putting an empty slot in your busy schedule is a good strategy as well in this way you can always account for things that pop up from no where, stay on track and not be demotivated by not following your schedule
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    Cheers for this great post,much appreciated!
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    I've learned to outsource many business-related tasks to virtual assistants; this has really saved me a ton of time and increased my personal and professional productivity.

    After all, one of my mottos is what's the point of making a lot of money online if you don't have time time to ENJOY it?

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    I can't wait until I have to have a virtual assistant! That sounds great. I really like this thread too. I find using my stove clock (which has a built-in timer) can sometimes help me a lot with deadlines and just moving things along in my day.

    I have read the Getting Things Done book and it was very useful. I still have it.
    Elizabeth Sheppard
    My SEO for Beginners Page
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