How anyone can go from flat broke to flying high

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In September 2011 I was officially declared bankrupt, man that was a shit feeling...

Over the last few months I finished paying back around the equivalent of $40,000 which was my settlement fee agreed at the time of bankruptcy.

This was my biggest lesson to date, it hurt like mad. I blamed everyone else, I convinced myself day after day that it wasn't my fault. Most of the time I talked myself out of the fact it was even happening (crazy right?)

What has it taught me? How can it help you?

The real life teachings are simple, the true education in life, the only education IMO that you truly need is FINANCIAL education.

Does the fact that most of us don't have it today matter?? Yes and No...

Does it matter that most of us aren't actively pursuing this education daily?? HELL YES!!

This was my lesson, this was the Eureka moment, it would help us to pay close attention!!!

Will I go broke again, statistically yes, it is likely (especially as an investor/entrepreneur). Will it hurt the way it did before? HELL NO, I have financially educated myself over the last 3 years and now know how to hedge (protect/insure) against the same outcomes I experienced last time around.

Take it from me, as someone who has been there, this road is one to avoid at all costs!!!

The way ANYONE can go from the bottom to the top is to educate themselves. Wake up each day with a hunger to learn more, wake up with a passion to improve your position in life.

When you educate yourself the next step is to take your new knowledge and TAKE ACTION!! Chase your dreams, make them MASSIVE, because lets be honest if they aren't massive they just won't push you through the lowest, toughest, shittiest days.

My mission is;

To build dreams through financial knowledge and success teams!
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    Bankrupt, what a cool 1st post.

    Care to elaborate about your former company (The one went bankrupt)?
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    You've got a great mindset friend! Welcome to the forum and let the education begin!
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  • Thanks for the above guys, its good to be on the forum...

    RealCasher - I had a personal bankruptcy filed, not through a company, so this has been my own personal journey which I shall continue to travel whilst building my businesses. My primary aim is to educate people who have not endured the same journey as means of prevention rather than sure.

    PureFusion - Yes sir, let the education commence... Cannot wait to help the world out there, person by person. It is my burning passion and has lit a fire inside!
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  • Take Absolutely INSANE Inspired Action Fam!

    You CAN Do It!

    I Believe In YOU.

    YOURS In Prosperity,

    Omar "Power Moves" Adams
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    Good on you for getting back out there are kicking life's ass! That takes some serious strength of character.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience! You're a really strong person. If someone went through the same thing they might have committed suicide or something.

    I personally believe than financial education is important. Not everyone will be businessmen, but everybody will handle their own finances. We all have math in school but finance, no. I guess its important to learn how to manage finances early. Just because its not thought in the basic education system, doesn't mean you can't learn it. People should try learning a thing or two about finance. No one wants to go broke because of your own reckless decisions.
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    When you educate yourself and then take small steps to see if your actions work, when things are working for you, then you can scale things up. You can still come from being an employee and still succeed in business especially when you work on you and find a good mentor.
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  • Financially educating myself will be the vehicle by which I continue to change my life as well as many many others, I am very inspired by the people I speak to and communicate with. Everyday brings someone new to pass my knowledge onto and raise them to a higher level of understanding.

    The fact that financial education is not taught in schools is tragic and we all should do our bit to help others become more financially savvy.

    Jimson Wright it is true that we will not all become businessmen, however we all run a business everyday, balancing a financial statement which determines our profit margin in the game of life!

    Lets help people worldwide to raise their standard of living...
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