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I recently shared this in the War Room but I realized it could benefit everyone looking through this section of the forum as well. This is a really short training module about How to pull off an effective all nighter.

Being a newbie internet marketer myself, I am no stranger to the late hours of the clock. Laser focused and engaged, not willing to quit until I see the $$$ in my bank account. If you haven't made it yet, and you are willing to sacrifice sleep like some of us are, then this here is a little something to help you get on the right track.

Always looking forward to comments and feedback. Feel free to add to this if you are an expert yourself.

How to effectively pull off an ALL NIGHTER - WARRIOR STYLE

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    This is dangerous advice.

    Here are the reasons why:

    1. You'll eventually burn-out. This will happen sooner or later but pushing your body to the limit actually has consequences.

    2. Results are about the quantity of the work and the quality of the work. When I was first learning copywriting, every copywriting master said the same thing - if you can't focus anymore, if you can't be 100% in the process, stop what you are doing and resume tomorrow. So from a practical point of view, actually working less but at a higher efficiency is better than working longer hours.

    3. The body doesn't act like a battery. It is not like your phone, which goes from 100% to 0% then charges again to 100%. Instead, it is pulsating. It moves relatively fast from 100% to zero and then back to 100%.

    Therefore, my advice instead is:

    1. Use your premium hours each day for the most important tasks. It would be stupid to reply to emails in the morning, when I feel the most creative.

    2. Get enough sleep. I won't get into an argument again about waking up early vs. waking up late but even if you can live with 5 - 6 hours of sleep, it will have dramatic emotional, mental and physical consequences. This may happen in 3 days or three years. But it happens.

    3. Slow & steady is fast. Always remember this. Getting 4 - 5 hours done every single day, on the tasks that actually matter is better than putting 15 hours marathons and then procrastinating for the rest of the week.

    This type of thinking, while ambitious reminds me of late term papers.

    How people prefer to work all night in their last day to get that paper done instead of investing 30 minutes a day for 30 - 40 days before the actual deadline.
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    Really appreciate the input. Obviously this isn't meant as a habit to keep up. Although your advice is great, I still believe my advice is valuable to some. Not everyone is the same in terms of lifestyle/habits/backgrounds. What I recommended works great for me and some others I've spoken to. To quote the Hip Hop Preacher: "If some of you give up sleep, you will succeed." Big underline in 'some'!
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    It can be useful sometimes but don't overdo it ... body needs rest to get creative & alive again.
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    I believe working late into the night is a skill earned through experience. First timers after reading/watching your training module wouldn't really be good at it at first. Working late into the night is just about mentality and your drive to finish the work at hand. And, don't get started here, because some would be early birds. Please don't be a debate again about Early Birds and Night Owls.
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