The Cycle of 'Getting' and 'Giving'

by drmani
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This post probably belongs on my blog. It will probably end up there
anyway. But for as long as it stays up, I'll share the message with
you here

Yesterday, I read a post by a Warrior (prathiba) sharing how he got to
a point where ghostwriting success is now his. It is an inspirational
story, one that's sure to give heart to many enthusiastic and excited
beginners and struggling intermediate level entrepreneurs, get them
to reaffirm their committment to their own dream.

And that post made me think about why I drop in to this forum now and
then, and share some experiences and lessons with the rest of you.

Also why so many others post 'success stories' regularly, and go into
the kind of depth and detail that normally would be reserved for a
paid product (even a high ticket one).

It's because of the CYCLE of getting and giving.

When you have earlier 'got' something out of this forum, it is only
natural to want to 'give back' more in value. And so things march
on, spawning newer generations of online marketers, infopreneurs
and business owners, inspired and energized and motivated by the
success of those who have gone before - and learning from their

No, not all is sunshine and roses. There are people who know this
and deliberately and maliciously manipulate the sentiment to pose
as 'successes' to mislead and swindle others gullible enough to
fall for their tripe. But in the general forum, the ratio of these
pretenders to real successes is about 15% to 85% (it soars to 90:10
in the WSO forum, however, where some of the headlines make me
cringe and wince often!)

When you come to this forum, not knowing much but eager to learn,
hearing about how someone 'cracked the code' can be the one boost
that kickstarts your career to a new level of success, changes your
life completely, puts you on a higher trajectory to realizing your

For me, personally, the shift happened by helping me believe in
- which changed everything else, ever since.

And when you 'succeed' at something and come here to share it, you
not only bask in the glow of support and encouragement that you
often get from members, you also are lighting another candle -
and brightening up the world for one or many more.

Keep getting. Keep giving. Keep growing.

The Warrior forum has taught me that, by experience.


All success

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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Oksa
    Great post Doc.

    If there has been a running theme to all of the things I've done online - it would be trying to help others. That's all there is to it.

    The key is not expecting anything in return. Of course I accept the fruits of my labor, but to give with the intent of receiving would completely defeat the purpose.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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  • Profile picture of the author TheWealthSquad
    I am new to the Warrior Forum and to implementing the things I know about marketing and internet marketing in particular. I found this story to be very refreshing. Giving back is such a huge benefit to yourself first and to the rest of the world second. We are rewarded for the value we bring to the world.

    Giving back increases that value dramatically.

    Good luck with your continued success.
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  • Profile picture of the author Josef_Benjamin
    Success stories imho is what keeps this forum alive.

    This forum, at it's root, is built on hope...

    hope that "maybe I too will someday make a $1000 week like that guy/gal did"

    Forums should be designed as support structures to help people take action on
    the strategy and ideas they have, borrowed, or purchased.

    Unfortunatly, many people use them to stall on taking action, and so they come
    back here to look for..what else?

    More hope.

    Eventually, out of reading so many success stories, at least one is bound to click
    and make that person take action.

    Spawing a success story all on their own.
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      I'm a newbie, so am still at the taking phase. I can't thank the Warriors enough for all the information I have picked up on the forum over the last few weeks. I was getting email after email of get rich quick schemes and every one seemed so tempting! Its just great to be able to browse around here and find real info (except some WSO's). I hope that I'll be able to gie back ina year or so when I'm more seasoned at this. You guys may not be getting thanked every day but I hope you know how grateful we are!
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  • Profile picture of the author eienblue
    Wow, that is really inspiring.
    Thank you very much for sharing
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  • Profile picture of the author Geoff Carter
    Remember that:

    Givers gain

    But do not give in the expectation of receiving because
    if you do, you are trading... this is not about trading.

    It's about the energy in the giving that is so powerful.

    So instead of what many people were taught when
    they were a child to: "Be a little go getter."

    Focus on: "Being a little go giver."

    It's a better model of life and in business too.

    Geoff Carter
    Business Success Consultant
    Go to:
    Success Not Stress

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