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Today I was reading 'how to win friends and influence people'. It is an amazing book and I suggest you read it at least once a year. The information in that book will give you the tools you need to improve all of your relationships, from home to the workplace.

The three points I got out of it this time were:
1 - Don't criticize, condemn or complain.
I have noticed this mainly with some workers I hire from India. Criticism often reduces enthusiasm and the work I receive drops in quality. If instead of complaining, I highlight what they are doing well, not only do they respond enthusiastically, their work dramatically increases in quality.
2 - Give honest and sincere appreciation.
Most evident proof of this is my developing relationship with the cleaners at my work. Cleaning is often a job looked down on most. Simply saying hi, thank you and asking how they are (actual interest) has created solid friendships (and given me a clean office)
3 - Arouse in a person an eager want.
This has been most evident in my career development. I have managed to use this not only to obtain lifelong clients, but to get approved for my Masters.
I have gone into each of these in more depth at Fundamental Techniques to Handle People | ConligoMV – Unity and Momentum

Let me know what you think! Has anyone on here worked with freelancers and experienced the same thing?
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