Journaling - who, how, why and results

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Who does it, how, why and what results have you got from doing it?


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    Hi Jon, I journal to help keep my mind clear, recognize my patterns of thought and help balance my life all around. I basically journal on the days activities and anything/everything else I can think of. Just the act of writing everything in your head down helps tremendously in keeping oneself on track; knowing exactly where you are at this very moment and then being able to use that information to guide you forward. I think that a lot of us keep so much in our heads that we loose focus because we can never catch and hold a thought for longer than it takes to have a new thought pop up. We just keep repeating our circle of thoughts over and over again throughout the day. Using a journal can help you recognize and break down those patterns so you can get over the thoughts you may have not realized where even there and then focus on the things that will push you forward in a positive direction.
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    Hi Jon,

    I keep a daily journal of my business activities.

    I find that it greatly helps to hold myself accountable, and also serves as a good reference to remind myself to keep pushing until I get the results I want on a new site.

    Because I can look back at the journal and remember that the process works, I just gotta keep following it.
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    • Just like Cameron, I also benefit from journaling because it helps clear my head in times when thoughts become cluttered and overwhelming. Putting thoughts and ideas on paper serves as a type of cleansing for me, as afterward I feel like I'm removing a burden...or at least, untangling a mess. It's easier to see the bigger picture after writing down what I've been thinking about.

      This is why I feel more focused after journaling. I also become more productive and efficient.

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    I've been journaling every day for several years now. It's awesome. Reading previous post and seeing how you're grown is a great feeling.

    My journal entries are stored in Evernote.


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    I used to keep a journal when I was young and not yet too busy with earning money. I do this daily to document my thoughts and have record of what’s happening in my life. Now that I’m busy with work I mostly keep a record of important business activities to ensure that everything is documented properly and that I have backup in case of dispute.
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      I journal via a physical paper notebook. Writing out my thoughts nightly helps me establish my written voice and enhances my writing ability. Since it's become a habit it's not really a chore to do, but my writing has definitely become better and more insightful over time.

      I tend to see insight while i write. Stuff just comes up as i try to write on autopilot without giving much thought to what gets put down. Overall, though, I find that i write better, more succinctly and clearly than before journaling. And it also seems to help me organize my thoughts during stressful periods.
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