Here is my 3 step formula to create a successful IM business

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1. Do market research and find a profitable niche.

2. Build a list of followers and subscribers that want your product, service or affiliate program you're promoting then give them something valuable for free to build trust. (Free report, e-book, audio, video or mini e-course)

3. Survey your list and do market research for product creation ideas. Create your own High Quality high price point information product with continuity built into it and offer bonuses(book, e-book, online video/dvd set home study course, workshop, seminar/webinar, group mentorship/coaching program, membership websites, software etc.) and get other people to promote your product or service for you, and pay them on performance, to sell your product or service while increasing the size of your list of loyal buyers all year round. (Normally pay your affiliates 50% to 75% commission per sale for digital products like e-books, audios, videos, software etc.)

4. Constantly improve and repeat steps 1,2 & 3
Ok so it's a 4 step formula!

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    How about this for a 3-step formula?

    1. Market Research, Data Analysis & Conceptualization -- Creatively conceptualize a unique mobile app that can enhance the lives of a specific group of global movers and shakers with a particular set of immediate needs and urgent problems;

    • Creatively conceptualize the development of a server network with data capture, computational algorithms and data analytics systems for effectively using patterns, associations and trends of user behavior, and open source plugable functionalities for third party mobile apps; and

    • Creatively conceptualize the development of an open source system that can seamlessly integrate with your server network and its open source plugable mobile app functionalities, and can also seamlessly integrate with device components that would most likely be developed by hardware manufacturers for the global propagation of IoT concepts ...

    2. Proof of Concept Development -- Present your proof of concept development plans to VCs ...

    3. B2B & B2C PR Campaigns -- Source additional funding for B2B and B2C PR campaigns ...

    I guess this probably won't work for the general userbase of lurkers and members here who most likely plan to promote digital info products on how to make money online, until they have enough experience to teach others on how to make money online by selling digital info products and membership training programs and coaching courses and marketing seminars on how to make money online to those who want to make money online by doing the same things that the people who teach these things do?

    Contact Me HERE...

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    No offense, but diluting any business building process down into three broad steps and then saying rinse and repeat doesn't give the business building process the respect it needs and deserves.
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    Michael Fuentes............errrrr......what?
    I don't understand some of that. OK, none of it, really.
    Thanks anyway.
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