Using Sounds & An 12,000 year old Ancient Symbol To Create Results!

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Thought you guys would find this interesting ( or maybe just weird) but I know it will help you create results in your lives!

Lately I have been focusing on chanting and staring at an ancient powerful symbol known as the Sri Yantra.. I started doing this after going through one of Amish Shah's courses on wealth creation..Amish Shah is a mega successful serial entrepreneur.. feel free to check out his stuff..

Amish Shah — Innovative Internet Entrepreneur

Anyway when you chant the words below and stare at the image of the sri yantra,the vibrations from the words actually start to effect your body and the outside world if chanted loud enough.. you actually feel way more focused and productive afterwards..

This may sound weird or "out there" but I invit you to give this a try..

You can download an image of the sri yantra here:

What you do is chant these 6 words while staring at the center of the sri yantra and visualizing what you want to create in your life...

Next to each chant I have listed what they mean in Sanskrit.. cool fact: Sanskrit is a language that was created to actually effect our bodies through the vibrations the sounds emit when chanted..

Make sure you allow your voice to vibrate when saying these out loud..

1- Aum - (Pure Force)

2.)Gum ( Effecting physical state)

3-Shreem (seed sound of abundance)

4-Maha (Great increasing energy)

5-Lakshmi Yei (essence of aim,goal,and purpose)

6-Namaha-(completion of mantra(chant))

Its best to do this for 40 days each day 108 times...

You will start to notice a difference in how you feel,your productivity level,focus,etc..

another cool fact: simply by staring at the sri yantra you can put your brain into the "alpha" state which is most conducive to meditation,creativity,and focus..
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    Will try and let you know how it goes.


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      I've done this for over a year now and everything has changed for me. I'm attracting all sorts of magical events in my life.
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        Excellent stuff.

        I had a similar experience with Om Kleem Shreem Brzee as that is the chant for wealth, relationships and general prosperity.

        Considering that yours has a picture i will experiment with yours for at least 40 days to see what happens.

        Gum is probably the only sound i haven't heard much about, but from what I've read it amplifies the affect of the other sounds.

        To everyone interested, take note that Aum is pronounced like Om, as they are the same sound. So you would be saying Om Gum Shreem Maha Lakshmi Namaha

        Let's update the thread when we all see results!
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          Will keep my eye on this one as I haven't had much success with mantras in past.
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            Originally Posted by randak View Post

            Will keep my eye on this one as I haven't had much success with mantras in past.
            I've noticed they aren't very effective if you don't do them consistently for the 30+ days. They rely on habit of use, so doing it for a week or off and on won't have much of any effect.

            I know some people who've integrating various mantras as part of their morning meditations and their lives have completely shifted. They did the mantras/chants for years, but the effect was extraordinary.
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    Now this sounds interesting! I wonder if you have the words written in Sanskrit, that would make it easier to know how they are actually pronounced? (I was a linguist before my online career...) I guess you pronounce "Gum" like in English? But this is something I would like to do, I'm a huge fan of all kinds of mindset stuff. And I guess this indeed needs consistent repetition to become a habit and have effect.
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