2 kinds of Rich People

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I love to watch movies and one thing I love about movies is wonderful quotes from the movie I watch

I watch the movie The Kidnapping of Heineken and what I learn from that movie besides kidnapping is a bad thing to make money is there are 2 kinds of rich people in this world Heineken said!

You have a lot of money or a lot of friends!

If you choose the path to make more money, you forget the important people around you, you lost track in have no time for relationship but if you focus more in having good time with your friends all the time

how will make ends meet and achieve your goals

But if you are going to ask me, I choose both, make money and make friends, surround yourself with friends that will help you to achieve your goals

A supportive Environment with the same vision like you and also their aim is the same as your goals

Do not forget your old friends but meet new people with the same mindset as you, well if you think your friends are helping you and have the same vision as you stick to them, but if you think your friends is not helping you

Look for people with the same goal as you, work withe them and build relationship, but do not push away your old friends but Influence them about your goals!

You can choose both Friends and become wealthy!

Thank you and God Bless You!!!
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    Theoretically, if my Maker came to me and said what kind of Riches would you prefer to have...
    Riches with Money or Riches with friends and family who really surround you and love you.

    My answer would be the latter, no question whatsoever !!

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Good post. Money is important to have but friends are priceless


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    Very nice post, thanks
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    Being rich without people to share experiences with is useless.. (i'm not saying give money away or anything), the whole idea to get rich is to "be free" and be able to do whatever you want, you'd get a little bored if you do that all by yourself
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    It's lonely at the top...but the view is freakin awesome.
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    However, being rich means the amount of --good-- friends will be low, that's not a bad thing. But too many friends while they know you're stashed, not a good thing. It's always best to keep the old friends who loved you when you were poor first!

    Comics-Prose? Looks like there is a new take on just boring prose books and overly done Comics! Crime, vigilantes, and fishnet stockings! Roman has it all!

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    It’s good if we can have both, richness in money and richness in friends. The world is going to be a better place for sure. However not all people are lucky enough to get the best of both worlds and when it comes to choosing whether money or friends, I with no doubt, choose the latter. Money can’t buy everything and more often, money can’t buy the essential things like genuine happiness, love, and respect of the people around you. If you have genuine friends that could support you with no questions and could push you to make a better living then you are going to be rich in money eventually.
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    I'll take em both, thank ya

    We live in abundance, so each one of us can have it all, if we want money, and friends. No limits exist to anything so go ahead, you have permission to be free.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      How about friends with money. Now that I have money I have found made friends with lots of rich people that are great people and do a lot of good things with their money.
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    now i know plenty of poor people who are surrounded by people who keep them poor ..

    it really depends how selfish you are while you build wealth ..or get rich .

    honestly ..if you are in america .. even if you are poor ..unless you are homeless or temporarily without a place to live..you are richer than most of the rest of the world population .

    here is what you don't want to be as you build your own wealth ..you do not want to be like several people who post on this board and denegrate and look down on the people who are not trying to get rich .

    non of that will get you closer to wealth.. but finding something you can make and sell to people that makes there life more enjoyable ...might get you closer to wealth .

    it is interesting if you watch shows like american pickers ..there are a large number of people who have large collections of stuff easily worth high six or seven figures ..that they have collected over a life time .. and they don't look rich and unless you knew the value of the stuff they had you would think it was junk .

    if you keep your riches in money alone ..you are dumb..the value of money decreases over time by design ..the government does not want you holding on to much of it they want you spending it or investing it .. .

    no if you have to little money..there are a great number of problems that come from that ..but to much money can destr=oy a family to..

    so even if you are poor in the western world ..there is a good thance you are rich in comparison to the rest of the world .

    now ..here is the thing ..many of the people in your life may not be there by choice but by chance and blood. and many of them may actually stan in your way or tey to hold you back if you attempt tp build your wealth or become rich ..

    many people who build wealth do it after a bankruptcy ..unless you drop out of harerd to start microsoft or facebook ..

    two things happen when you go bankrupt .. A you find out how replacable thing and money is ..and you learn who your real friends are .
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    Family is best! Money is needed to pay the bills but family is the real reason I make money!
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