3 Tips That Will Help If You Are Starting Out...

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Hey Guys,

I haven't posted in a long time, so thought I would pop in and 'give back' so to speak.

If you are yet to take action, or you are feeling overwhelm OR a bit bogged down with how many routes there are to take when making money online or building a biz I thought these tips would help.

Here we go:

1. Just Choose: A lot of people I speak too, clients and people I say on the forum just around from thing to thing - 'shiny object syndrome' - the way to get past this in my opinion is to understand that making money online will always involve value creation.

You have to have something of value for someone to pay you, this can be something you create or something you promote as an affiliate.

To get started focus on your interests, you don't have to stay there, but a lot of my early successes were interests of mine and I found a group of people with similar interests, because I knew the niche it was easier to help these people.

Choose something. Whether it is Amazon, Clickbank, CPA etc... give it 100% and don't stop until you get a result. Then you can access whether to move on, a lot of people end up dabbling and don't make any progress and get into the pinball cycle of going back and forth.

2. There is no ONE way to promote: I see a lot on this. What's the BEST way to promote your offers or site? Use EVERYTHING!

Email marketing, Social media, Video sites, YOUTUBE etc.. New comers, Periscope etc...

Press releases, JV's etc...

PPC - The FASTEST way is to work on HOW you want to get traffic - SEO = slower but if you work hard it DOES work - I have built whole businesses just on SEO but don't rely on it - have other stuff going PPC, Youtube, Email lists.

Start with content, start getting content out there and thinking "How can I get this in front of people that would find it of interest?"

3. Learn what you need to take action. You will NEVER be an expert at everything. This is similar to the first tip but pick something you want to try and see the best people in the field.

Practice, learn but most importantly take action!

You will make mistakes, you may not EVER get it JUST right.

Be Yourself, Add your personality into your marketing - don't focus on selling, focus on solving problems to the best of your ability.

I hope these tips help, they are just my 'take-aways' and things that help me in my biz.


"Never, ever, ever, ever give up!"

All the best,

Chris Jones
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  • Yes, 'shiny object syndrome'

    Choosing is very important, and sticking with a decision is even more important.

    Thanks for your insights

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    Ahhh and another message for people which I tend to say alot in other posts is about Burnout!

    Don't Burn yourselves out from the hype! Take your time and if you feel like you lost motivation, know that you just burnt yourself out, not that you arent interested anymore. Give yourself about a week and you'll see!!!!

    HAVE FUN that's the most invigorating part! :3

    Comics-Prose? Looks like there is a new take on just boring prose books and overly done Comics! Crime, vigilantes, and fishnet stockings! Roman has it all!

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    "Choose something. Whether it is Amazon, Clickbank, CPA etc... give it 100% and don't stop until you get a result. Then you can access whether to move on, a lot of people end up dabbling and don't make any progress and get into the pinball cycle of going back and forth."

    I find that I am at times a "dabbler". By trying to set up multiple streams of income I find myself going in too many different directions and not spending enough time and focus on one goal.
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    • Great tips It's interesting how 1 and 2 seem contradictory, but both are right.

      Having more than enough options is great, but sometimes the selection is overwhelming. When one is overwhelmed, he/she tends not to act. So it is important to pick one and give it a try. If it doesn't work, then move on to the next.

      As for means of promotion though, it's different. Rather than choosing just one, you should take advantage of all means available. Use a couple to find out which ones are the best means, then use them.

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    This is true; sometimes people fail not because they picked the wrong niche but because they failed to promote the right way. Competition on the internet is very stiff and if you want to be seen you need to make a noise. Promoting using different platforms of social media is a good way but on must not stick to social media alone. There should be a combination of PPC, SEO, Email Marketing and many other ways that you can tap on. In online marketing, the number game rules. So basically the many methods you used to promote your business the more it will pay off.
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